Power in Protests

I find it hypocritical and laughable that we protest in support of our brothers and sisters abroad against racism and injustice. We say BLACK LIVES MATTER but it is my belief that ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

Doesn’t the life matter too of the white male protester who was shoved by the police and ended up in hospital?

Our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora proved to the world that they are more than capable of fighting their cause and standing against the ills in their society by the mass protests taking place.

After two weeks of protests SWEEPING CHANGES are now taking effect.


Can we say the same, that we are capable of fighting our cause and standing against the ills in our society? We may not have RACISM here but we do have SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INJUSTICES.

Why are we not standing up and protesting to save our Democracy and against the Social and Economic Injustices taking place here in poor Grenada? There is a lesson from the U.S situation for us here in Grenada.

We suffer SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INJUSTICES every day here in poor Grenada.

  • Our Democracy is at stake. The Leader of the Opposition spells it out loud and clear;
  • Our institutions are being eroded;
  • Our hard-working dedicated and committed Teachers, Public Workers, Nurses and Doctors are publicly ridiculed, disrespected and unjustly criticised. They are denied just remuneration and pension and gratuity and work under trying situations with limited resources and inadequate device and equipment;

– With the high cost of living we are struggling to survive;

– State Resources are given to party supporters in the form of food baskets, vouchers etc., while other needy persons are denied assistance and marginalised, even in this time of COVID-19 just like after hurricane Ivan;

– We are burdened with a structural adjustment programme with no end in sight and paying taxes for guarantees to foreign investors who disappeared leaving us with the burden. WE CAN’T BREATHE!!!

– We are witnessing the deterioration of the Judicial and Justice System as they are attacked and starved out.

– Our Busmen are being punished for speaking out.

– Our workers are under pressure from some Employers, and are afraid to speak out for fear of punishment and reprisals .Once the mouths of people are shut down and are afraid to speak we will NEVER advance.

I listened to the PS in the Ministry of Transport sometime last week and the goodly lady sounded like an angry mom, scolding and punishing her kids by calling off a little treat that was promised because they behaved badly. Can she even speak to her teenagers like that?

The Madam made it clear that negotiations or talks were paused for reflection and introspection all because they spoke out. Does she understand that we still live in a Democracy?

Airlines are subsidised millions of dollars and we have no control over the airfares they charge us, furthermore, very little or none of that money is spent in the local economy. Why can’t the Busmen be considered for a subsidy or a drop in the govt tax on gasoline or even an extension of the stimulus package, given the fact that they now have to carry a limited number of passengers? GOODWILL are to be shown on both sides. We elected persons to serve not as our Massa!!!

Busmen are expected to accept $17 and $23 per trip in these Covidious times, while our representatives receive Travelling allowances in addition to gasoline even under lockdown.

The system places us below people who we give authority and that authority is being used against us.

Remember the small Businessman whose fruits were taken away earlier this week in town, despite being directly in front of his business place for which he is paying a high rent. He has workers to pay, rent to pay, he has a family and I am quite sure he pays duties on the port and taxes. He wants to BREATHE too!!!

Foreign Investors are given priority and treated with utmost respect, while some local investors, like the Busmen are treated like second class citizens in this homeland of ours. No difference in how the police in America treat with Black Lives.

Mr. Jerry Edwin and other lawyers, let us protest against NNP for the $EC52 million that disappeared in passport money from the Shrimp farm project in Victoria, the $20 million from Call Centre for the Prime Minister’s family, $20 million owed to Dipcon by Keith Mitchell and Gregory Bowen.

Come on, please let us rally and protest to get Sheldon Scott to repay the cellphonegate money, the policemen who are raping WPC’s and getting away with it, the situation with our oil and gas resources, the $EC200 million that taxpayers now have to pay on the Grenlec matter due to the vendetta by Keith Mitchell and Gregory Bowen.

Mr. Edwin, are you not familiar with the issues?. Here are some more than you can check to mobilise and protest:- The $25 million giveaway to EJ Miller in Mt. Hartman, the incest committed by Peter David and Keith Mitchell in giving jobs to their children in their own ministries, and the growing NNP Dictatorship.

There is a general lack of respect and appreciation for fellow human beings in all aspects of our society. It doesn’t have to be RACISM.

According to ex-U.S President Barrack Obama, ‘we must hold our elected officials to higher standards….make them uncomfortable…’

It is high time we awake to the realities…….LET US RAISE THE STANDARD.

There comes a time where silence is Betrayal.

The Humanist

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