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Poultry industry in shambles

The poultry industry is crumbling bit by bit. Whilst our politician’s sleep unaware of the impending tsunami.

Poultry imports account for 19 million pounds of imported meat in 2021@ 4 dollars a pound, amounting to 76 million in lost revenue, 532 million in money circulation.

Transformation is keeping this money in Grenada and creating 7000 jobs for the youths.

Instead we have a feed mill that the government grants $5 million in concessions.

ADM pays an average $3 million in taxes, gives $2 million to their shareholders in dividends along with their $12 million profit.

They export feed for $25 dollars a bag to third countries whilst charging Grenadian farmers over $47 a bag for the same feed, absolutely scandalous.

The local industry is in tatters with Excellent Farms and dozens of other smaller farms now closed.

The irony to all of this is you can buy a bag of flour in Miami and pay all the duties and transport costs and still sell it in Grenada cheaper than Caribbean Agro.

The problem is inherited from the previous administration’s reluctance to support a local livestock industry.

Stopping the tsunami is easy. Put the regulations and tariffs in place similar to Barbados. Implement the poultry policy, let the farmers produce.

Stop fooling farmers with meetings. This action will reduce the food import bill by 13% and create 7000 jobs, as well as circulate $532 million in the local economy.

Dickon is looking for oil and gas. He will find the oil in the castor oil Keith was drinking, the gas in the wind Keith was passing. There is your Oil and Gas. No need to waste any more time. Let’s not go down this broken road again.

There is serious work to be done in saving our livestock industry.

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