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Positive action needed

We hear pronouncements or read figures/statistics be it by some people, companies or governments, especially when others claim that they are adversely affected: figures which do not add up.

Figures that are stated by our government in the matter of GRENLEC, Environmental surveys be it with the St. Patrick Breakwater Project, Silver Sand Hotel Project, Seven Season Hotel Project/The Mount Hartman Resort Project, the St. David Hotel Project, the number of fires during 2019-2020 and so forth, most of which are not certified for reason/s in the interest of whoever.

I am very concerned about the fires and all that goes with them, which occurred recently and what tangible efforts are made both by our people/the public and the government to arrest this situation that seems to be escalating. Education in its many and various forms are needed from top to bottom.

Not too many years ago we experienced a number of bush fires, which I tend to believe caused this administration to realise the urgent need of water tender/s, along with the fact that corporate citizen’s water tender/s contributed tremendously over the years in averting major disasters especially in the city, hence a huge water tender was obtained for the Fire Department to service the state, regrettable that tender is laid up at the Fire Station on the Carenage for almost a year. WHY?

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Is it that the mechanical damage to that vehicle cannot be repaired by the Police Mechanic Department, or the damage to whatever part, is that bad that it may necessitate a complete replacement? Whatever is the solution necessary, it is time that that vehicle should be up and running by efficient operator/s.

Mr. Fire Chief, why is it that that badly needed tender is not attended to? We need it in operation more than an answer to the question why the Fire Service/Station should not remain in the city, but be properly equipped and maintained.

Simeon Green