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Poor internet service

We Deserve Better!   We have a major, major problem! This is with Internet, Wi-Fi and Cable T.V.

We have been faithful customers since 1990. We get less and less channels all the time and there is nothing to watch.

Some programs go onto Channel 6 but we are supposed to have those channels on our line up but then they are often not on, and some that show, the Audio is taken off so you cannot hear.

Some days we wake up there is No Internet, No Wi-Fi, No phone, No apology and No rebate for service lost!! I used to buy a $10 top up for my cell phone, wanting to know I would have credit for my cell phone in an emergency.

When it reached down to $2.55 left it would show a message telling me to top up, but I would get no more calls from it. So, I would feel that I lost $2.55 out of every $10!!

I have no Voicemail service, having phoned Customer Service several times but the advice I got did not help to get it back.

The cell phone calls were very expensive to start with. Asking a friend in Antigua, I was told they do not have a problem with their service and it causes me to wonder why we have such a dreadful situation here in Grenada.

Surely we deserve better – what are we paying for?

Heather Sylvester