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Political victimisation in full gear in RGPF

It is with regrets that the issue of political victimisation is alive and well at this stage of financial crisis and with the NNP administration publicly stating that no one must be made to face any victimisation because of his or her belief.

The facts are that in the RGPF, amongst themselves, members of staff are maliciously and mischievously harming each other for the sake of promotion, position and politics.

This action is to the most part supported by politicians and implemented by two top members of the High Command who are personally directed by the NNP leadership from all possible angles.

It should be recalled that Acting Commissioner Edvin Martin took up his position as Commissioner advocating that he will be for all police officers. However, the reality has proved differently to the dismay of most members of the force.

Currently, RGPF is in its worst position since Gairy era and with no sign of changing anytime soon.

Imagine at Central we only have one vehicle most times to do all the work – being in the center of the capital, staff is overworked, spending forty hours by two or three times before getting a forty-eight hours pass to spend with family.

People are dying in the force, some sick to their grave and no one is looking to cause the working condition to be better while the COP is giving the impression that he is only concerned about his welfare like that of his other big friend on the staff.

One can see the victimisation which has no end unless the public come forward and assist in sending the message clear to the NNP administration that the police officers are human too and they are part of a family like them.

It is so sad to be made aware that my Officer-in-charge who has served so well have been in his present rank for twenty years, while other NNP supporters in the same rank for less than ten years were elevated just because they are supporters to NNP and their leadership.

It is also believed that there are others who may be much longer in rank as well.

In a discussion with other staff as young officers, we always discussed our future in the force if this continues to happen.

About two weeks ago, the officer in charge of SSU, ASP Farray was called by a big boy on the fort and sent on immediate leave for six months because an NNP advocate recorded him exercising his constitutional rights by speaking openly on issues.

Please check the track record of the senior officer (ASP) who made the news recently at the Grenville police station as he was rushed to assume Farray’s position as head of the SSU.

Currently, the RGPF is politically charged and can do anything to demise their own for political gains.

We as junior officers are quite concerned about the functioning of the force and worried that if something is not done to stop the political influence, the end will affect the force, country and future politicians.

We are calling on the COP to be honest and truthful when he speaks to the staff or in the media, seek to provide the tools for us to do the job, work for better working conditions for the staff, seek to obtain benefits for all police officers and if possible, do something to the years of service police officers must give to the state before their can go home and enjoy some quality time with their family for the rest of their lives on earth.

WPC Central Division

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