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Political enemies

It is not often that I write letters to your newspaper but I felt duty bound to do so after listening to our Prime Minister in Parliament in which he was paying tribute to Elvin Nimrod, the late Member of Parliament for Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The Prime Minister was trying to tell us that as a people that we must live good and make sure that we have no enemies when we depart this life on earth.

I had to laugh when I heard the goodly gentleman say in Parliament that he does not have any enemies after all these years in Parliament.

I was thinking that Dr. Mitchell was joking because of all the people he trampled upon and humiliated over these many years.

The Doc is losing it because he has forgotten that it is not only dead men like H.A Blaize and Ben Jones that he tricked politically to end up as leader of the New National Party (NNP).

We know that Sir Danny Williams is not an “enemy” because he supported Keith Mitchell in taking away the thing from Blaize in 1989.

The goodly lady Grace Duncan supported him and as soon as the Doc got into power he dumped the lady and his eyes started to look elsewhere. So, Doc, don’t you think that Ms. Duncan is watching you with a hawk’s eye.

Our Prime Minister has also hurt Jos Whiteman, the man who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the NNP in both the 1990 and 1995 elections.

Today, the same Jos Whiteman showed his disgust with Keith Mitchell by leaving the NNP and campaigning against his candidate in the 2018 election in St David.

Even before that the Jamaican woman, Joan Webley who helped the doc to win power in 1995 was dumped by him. Doc, you really think that Joan has forgotten you? I heard from one of my NNP friends that Joan came to Grenada a few months ago on a private visit and stayed as far away as possible from the big man.

Is Keith Mitchell really serious about having no enemies? I can understand if he say that Dr. Raphael Fletcher is now dead and is no longer an enemy.

But Doc, what about Michael Baptiste who helped to strengthen your government after the 1995 election by leaving the GULP and joining up with you in office?

It is the same Michael Baptiste who campaigned bitterly against you in 2008 and helped the NDC to bring you down. And I have every reason to believe that Michael Baptiste will be a thorn in your flesh in the next election.

Doc, what about Einstein Louison who helped you to win power in 1995? The word on the ground is that you dumped him after the 2008 election loss. Doc, have you ever called Einstein to see how he is doing after his illness?

Imagine Keith Mitchell telling us that he has no enemies. Well!! Well!! Sir what about Mark Isaac whom you dumped as a minister and he first heard that he was fired while driving over Grand Etang on his way to Grenville. No decency to call Mark in and tell him that he was being relieved of ministerial responsibility.

Poor Mark Isaac who was the main man after the 1995 victory when he won the South St. George seat against Eric Gairy and helped NNP to win 8 seats to form the government.

Doc, you forget that when the NNP government collapsed in 1998 when Fletcher and Grace resigned that it was Mark Isaac and Michael Baptiste that you called in and told them that they were the ones who will make public statements on behalf of your government.

Where are the two of them today? In true Keith Mitchell style, you used them and then dumped them.

Doc, I can call plenty more people who fell victim to you and your high-handed way of dealing with folks over the years.

What about Brian Francis whom you lured to leave his big paying job at the ECCB in St Kitts to come back home and serve you in the Ministry of Finance and PS and got rid of him when he didn’t co-operate on the US$100 promissory note thing from some crooks that came in from Europe.

Doc, you have now created thousands of new enemies with those public officers who you tricked time and time again with the latest being the 4% salary increase that they foolishly thought that they were getting in January.

Dr. Keith, I will end here and save some more of this enemy thing if you open your mouth again and say that you have not created enemies in this country because you are only fooling yourself.

The Humanist