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Policy for RGPF

Let me start by saying that I was never a member of the police force, but I am writing as a person with over 40 years of experience in security affairs and based on my observation of the police in the past/present and what we expect in the future.

This is my humble recommendation as follows: Now because of recent events, criminal in nature that happen in Grenada then being publicised in the International media and the results of a press conference held by the Commissioner of Police, there is the cry in some sections of the population for him to resign.

However, I beg to differ, because it is my understanding that every Commissioner comes with his own handbook as the way things should be done. So it is always a tug-of-war between whoever is the present holder and his predecessors.

Now in going forward I think the Ministry of National Security should formulate a policy road-mapping the functions of the police and this is the doctrine the Commissioner should follow in making decisions.

This plan has to place heavy focus on the lower ranks, in particular the Sergeants, because they are the Middle Managers, being the highest ranking officers amongst the “Boots on the ground”, most times they have to make decisions while on their feet as the events unfold.

So any force that has a well-trained, equipped and dedicated cadre of Sergeants should be a professional one because they will have an immediate positive influence on the lower ranks. Similar to star Athletes being role-models to their team.

So when they move up the chain of command, it is easy for them to look in their rearview mirrors and assess the situation on the ground as it happens and this is a good example of succession planning because from this group you will see the future overall leaders.

This is where we should be aiming our cameras and microphones.

Michael Modeste