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Police officers disgruntled

Members of the RGPF are now at their lowest morale since June 23rd 2022.

Police officers are saying that they are very much disappointed in the way the new PM is handling the dictatorial infrastructure left in place in the RGPF by the dictator Keith Mitchell.

It is clear that the new PM does not understand the culture of the RGPF and the COP. Edvin Martin can never be trusted – he is just a player and the force knows that.

Police officers voted overwhelmingly to see the back of Edvin Martin and others from the RGPF and heeded the call of Hon. Dickon Mitchell when he advocated serious transformational changes and impressed the RGPF to vote for him on June 20th 2022.

Keith Mitchell has a number of surrogates in the police force and Dickon Mitchell will have difficulties in understanding what will be driving low performances in the RGPF and other ministries.

Some of the officers in the High Command punished and victimised officers who they believe are supporters of NDC but are now pretending to be friendly with them.

Any institution having a leadership construct like the one in place in the RGPF now must be faced with eventual low output and achievements since its human resource is not happy with its leaders.

To the Honourable Dickon Mitchell, if by error after June 23rd 2022 you went up on high ground, please throw away the ladder and return to the level where you were born, grow and excel to stardom.

What a combination of Edvin Martin, Tafawa Pierre, and John Mitchell in the RGPF with Keith Mitchell being in Opposition here in Grenada.

Lord help us and the population will continue to suffer as we were told in the election campaign compliments Pamela Moses.

The Falcon