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PM Mitchell was below par

I listened to an encounter between PM Mitchell and some folks on Sunday.

It was not a press conference because no one on the panel was a journalist like Calistra or Hamlet Mark or Toro Depradine.

Aruna was correct when she said openly that she was not a journalist but simply a radio station host. Hats off to her for being so very honest.

The NNP frontline man in the media, Andre Donald is not a journalist but a radio station host just like Aruna.

To my mind, Aruna was the stand out as she asked the Prime Minister a number of sensible questions unlike AD who chose not to ask anything about the hardship in the country but some stupidness about cricket.

I am not surprised because AD knows who is footing the bill to keep him and his radio station alive today.

A few years ago I heard that the late George Grant used to carry the proceedings from Parliament on his station free under the NDC but as soon as NNP won the election they dropped George Grant and brought on AD for a price.

I am not too sure but subject to correction that the NNP government is paying that station in St Patrick’s about $7000.00 a month when the late George Grant did not charge a single cent.

AD is also on the payroll for Covid-19 from NNP. He was the man in St Patrick that used to visit people home to take off the monitoring device from their hands.

This is the same AD that I know started off as a member of NDC under George Brizan back in 1987 but moved over to Keith and money in the 1990’s.

There is no need for me to mention anything about Brenda as everyone knows where her head is at this point in time.

I have lost count of the number of places Brenda has worked over the past 20 years – a real rolling stone.

The latest stop is with the Chinese project at Mt Hartman and my guess is that the NNP would have given the blessings for her to get that nice little job.

I don’t even think that Dr. Mitchell trusts Brenda as many see her loyalty going to Peter David and Derek James and not the NNP.

I will not bet on Brenda – she might or might not stay course with NNP if Peter and company pick up their bundle and move out because the MP for the Town of St George will never ever become the political leader of the NNP.

When I listened to Brenda when Peter was in NDC I somehow got the impression that she was backing them but the minute time Peter, Chess and Pastor Simon were expelled from the party the same Brenda started to sing a different tune.

But back to the press conference, I was not impressed with it at all, a non-event as it did nothing to really enhance the image of the Prime Minister.

It is the first time that I have listened to the PM and he failed to make any serious announcement to bring hope to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Has he run out of lyrics? Is there nothing new from NNP?

I don’t know if age is catching up with the PM and he has slowed down a lot but he did not look like the bouncing Keith Mitchell of old.

The stand-out to me apart from Aruna and her line of questions was the fact that the PM was talking as if he was a freshman in government and into his first term.

I could not believe my ears and eyes when I kept hearing the PM talking about this and that which has to be fixed.

I can’t imagine that the Doc has been in power so long – over 25 years – and is telling me today that he needs to fix the pension problem with civil servants, the high cost of living, the Imani problem, and rising costs of electricity and so many other things in the country.

Our Prime Minister is Keith Claudius Mitchell and not Dickon Mitchell who has just come on to the scene and making a whole lot of sense with the things that he is identifying as millstones around the people’s neck and offering suggestions on how he intends to tackle them.

At least Dickon is saying what he intends to do but our long-standing and serving Prime Minister is losing marks by not saying specifically what he intends to do after 25 years in office to deal with the many problems.

Maybe it is time for the Doc to hand over the leadership of the country for the rest of the term to another member of the Cabinet like Gregory Bowen, Emmalin Pierre or Dr. Clarice Modeste.

This could be a good new year’s gift to the people in the country.

Proud Grenadian