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Please recognise him

I am in London and I have just received a message about attending the funeral service for our friend Anthony George, who passed away on February 7, 2024.

Apparently, the High Commission in London did not know where to make contact with him, despite him living in London for several years. You no doubt are aware of his contribution to Grenada as an artist and his design of the Grenada flag, which is arguably the most beautiful and most admired of all state flags on our planet.

I note that a trophy was handed to his children at a Grenada 50th Independence anniversary dinner dance recently held in London. I also note that his body would be buried by his family in a cemetery in the UK.

Many Grenadians believe, myself included, a humble Grenadian, though he is, but because of his great contributions to our nation, deserve to be buried in his homeland and a State Funeral would be more appropriate.

I am aware of your admiration for our friend Anthony whose contribution has already been recognised by having a street in Soubise St. Andrew, given his name.

I would however appreciate it, if you would propose to the appropriate personnel in government to consider doing something more befitting of our appreciation to honour his notable contribution.

I look forward to your cooperation in this matter.

The Gentle Man