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Please, not Vincent Roberts

I really hate writing this letter to my Brothers and Sisters in the National Democratic Congress but hope that it will be taken in good strides.

My belief is that there is a place in our party for each and every Grenadian citizen. But it cannot be said that each and every citizen should be considered for serious roles in important positions in our party.

In other words, some people must know their place and do not aspire to hold onto certain positions which might be detrimental to our party.

A case in point is Vincent Roberts who is a good party man but not a good person to be seen as the face of the party given his track record.

Brother Vince might be a hard worker from behind the scene but should not be put in the frontline of our struggle.

I am appealing to our leader, Mr. Dickon Mitchell to not put the Comrade to chair any of our future national meetings as he is a great turn-off.

Some folks have said to me that Brother Roberts will volunteer for any job that he is called upon to perform for NDC but he should only be asked to do jobs in the backroom and not on the verandah where people can see him.

Please trust me, the public is not happy seeing Mr. Roberts performing in the front row of NDC politics.

The party needs to get a good Master of Ceremony for our national meetings and not assign the job to the Comrade.

I know a lot of NDC’ites hold similar views but do not want to come out with it in public.

NDC Devotee