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Planning Permission – Kimpton Kawana, Grand Anse; Golden Coast, True Blue and Riviera Lot (next to Camerhogne Park)

December 20th, 2019

Chairman and Members, Physical Development Authority

c/o Physical Planning Unit

Kirani James Boulevard

St. George’s


Attn: Mr. Carlton Frederick. Chairman

Ms. Najar Andall

Ms. Kerenia Mclntosh

Ms. Carvel Frederick

Mr Ronnie Svlvester

Mr. Trevor Barclay

Ms Paula La Touche

Ms. Aria St. Louis

Mr. Christopher Husbands

Sen. Cathisha Williams

Mr. Lalgie


Dear Chairman and Members


Re: Planning Permission – Kimpton Kawana, Grand Anse; Golden Coast, True Blue and Riviera Lot (next to Camerhogne Park)


Permit me to present my compliments and best wishes for the holiday season!

  1. Planning Permission:

I take this opportunity, Chairman and Members, to bring to your urgent attention the following coastal developments and seek information from you as to whether planning permission was granted:-

– Kimpton Kawana on the Southern End of Grand Beach

– Golden Coast Project in True Blue : According to a brochure obtained on its website – – September 2019 was named as the construction commencement date.

For your information and attention, please find attached recent photos in respect of the Kimpton Kawana and the photograph obtained from the website advertising the Golden Coast development. I also attach for your information the brochure advertising the Golden Coast development.

I. l. Set-Back Regulations:

It appears to my untrained eye that among other things both projects are violating set back regulations in respect of building on the coast. Indeed, the Golden Coast development appears to be building in the sea.

l.2.Mitigating Actions/Monitoring Compliance: 11

From an environmental perspective, both developments are in sensitive coastal areas. IF planning permission was given, can you advise Chairman and Members of the Planning and Development Authority what mitigating actions were prescribed and whether the Physical Planning Unit is monitoring compliance by both developments in respect of:-

-adherence to the physical development regulations

– implementation of required mitigation measures.

1.3. Sewage/Waste Disposal:

What are the provisions for sewage disposal in respect of these two developments? It is a well-known fact that the “pump-out” sewage system in the southern part of the island which serves the areas of Grand Anse and True Blue has been compromised for years. The explosion of construction in the True Blue area over the last couple of years has exacerbated this problem.

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment:

I take this opportunity to ask, Chairman and Members whether/when were the public consultations conducted, as part of the process of carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment in respect of each project.

2.l. Report of the Environmental Impact Assessment:

Further, I take the opportunity to request a copy of the report of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the respective developments.

  1. Riviera Development:

I have also noted work on the Riviera Lot, next door to Camerhogne Park. Can the Chairman and Members advise whether or not permission has been given for any kind of works in this area? One notices the serious flooding which takes place in the Grand Anse area, along the Morne Rouge stretch.

This lot is no exception and indeed can look as a lake at times. If some sort of “earth works” – which appears to be filling and leveling – then it seems to me that the flooding problem will only be exacerbated.

I thank you for an expeditious response to the various queries.

Kind regards.

Sandra Ferguson