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Peter – the saga boy minister

I read with interest an article in your weekend e-paper about Minister Peter David being called “The Saga Boy Minister” by our farmers.

To be honest with you, this has come as no surprise to me since this town boy knows nothing about agriculture and the Prime Minister made a gross mistake in handing him the portfolio of Agriculture.

Some might argue that the minister is new to the job and that we should give him some more time to prove himself in the ministry.

I have been following Peter David closely over the years since in the NDC government and quite frankly has not been impressed with his style of leadership.

This minister is more suitable for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fly over the world, grin and skin and smile with people in order to get some kind of money for the country.

Thanks to Covid-19, Peter David is now out of business as a Foreign Minister as he cannot travel on plane every Monday morning.

Look around Peter David and you will see every Ministry he is transferred to that a particular individual is always going there with him.

When NDC was in power and Peter was in charge of Diaspora matters, he appointed the person to head the Diaspora Desk.

When Peter joined NNP and became the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he brought the same man in the ministry with him.

When PM Mitchell made him Minister of Agriculture, Peter David brought the same man into the new ministry with him.

What is this man’s claim to fame? Can Peter David tell us the qualification of this man who is either his aide or bodyguard? Is this man giving the country value for money with the taxpayers’ dollars given to him at the end of each month?

I have my doubts as to whether this individual can help Minister David to take Agriculture to another level as the man does not have any history in agriculture, it is just a job for another of “the Boys”.

This Minister of Agriculture needs to surround himself with people with a bit of history in agriculture and the know-how to help him put together a decent plan as Peter David is starting with a big disadvantage as a town boy who is a novice in agriculture.

In all his years in the army during the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution, the only time Peter probably saw a field of bananas or nutmegs was in training in the bush as a Captain in the army.

If you ask me, the Doc deliberately handed the Ministry of Agriculture to Peter in order to bury him politically. The Doc knows that Peter will fail and will not give him the kind of financial support that is needed to do anything seriously in Agriculture.

The way things are looking Peter David has now outlived his usefulness to the Doc and is no longer in a position to challenge him for leadership of the country.

Those of us who have been following the politics in the country know that Peter stood a better chance of becoming a Prime Minister with the NDC instead of badly misreading his popularity and the politics and going with Keith Mitchell.

If you ask me, the doc will have the last laugh as he has now suffocated the last bit of political life and ambition of Peter to replace him as the leader.

A little black bird in the NNP whispered something to me that the NNP did some kind of a poll and Peter came up as the 4th choice for leadership with Gregory Bowen, Emmalin Pierre and Claris Charles way ahead of him.

Oh how Peter David must be ruining the decision he made to sell out Uncle Tilly and the NDC government and to bring back Emperor Keith on the throne.

Charles David Peters