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Peter – The Puppet

Thanks you Jimmy for saying what many of us want to say but are afraid to do so given the current climate of fear in the country.

I read what you said about Mr. Peter David and fully agree with you that this pseudo revolutionary has become a puppet of Keith Mitchell and is now relegated to being a floor mat of the Grenada Dictator.

Peter David has not just shot himself in the foot but killed himself politically by going and aligned with Keith Mitchell and NNP.

I was a strong supporter of Peter and when he decided to leave NDC and told us that he would form his own party with Glynis Roberts he still had my full support.

A lot of people do not know but it was about three times that Peter helped to postpone the launch of the NUF party.

When I look back at this thing, I came to the conclusion in the end that Peter was taking us for a ride because he was negotiating for himself with Keith Mitchell and none of us knew that.

I can tell people do not be fooled by Peter and his nice and friendly smile because it is a smile of deception.

As a former solider in the army, I decided to give Peter support when he came to talk to me about joining him in the NDC as I felt at the time that NNP was doing a very bad job and creating scandal after scandal.

I decided to side with Peter when the fall-out came with Uncle Tilly and was prepared to go with him into NUF.

I did attend about three of the meetings and remember when Peter told us to push back the launch of the party a little bit.

The next thing I heard is that Peter and Chester Humphrey and some of the other top men who were expelled from NDC were talking with Keith and NNP for the 2013 election.

I am no political guru but felt that NNP was going to win the election because NDC had really self-destructed after the people had given the party a wonderful 11-4 victory over NNP in 2008 election.

Today, Peter is partly responsible for bringing back Keith and his dictatorship. As I reflect if Peter and Chester Humphrey had exercise some patience Keith Mitchell would have been a political relic in this country.

A strong NDC would have defeated Keith in the 2013 election and send the NNP leader into permanent retirement but we all know what happened with NDC.

So when I read the article with Jimmy Bristol I felt good as he is correct in calling Peter David a puppet of Keith Mitchell.

Whenever I think of the letter P in the Alphabet, I think of three words – Peter, Pedro and Puppet of Keith Mitchell.

The country will be a much better place without the likes of Peter because he is as false as those false prophets that the bible speaks so much about.

I have a feeling deep inside me that the next election will be one of surprises and Peter, Pedro and “Puppet” will be no more politically in this country.

Ex-Army Man