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Pay the workers

Morally, the Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell cannot seriously ask the Unions to forego their 4 percent salary increase for 2021. This is the same Government that indiscriminately deducted hundreds of dollars from the monthly income of the same workers following their protests, calling on the Government to honor the Grenada constitution documented pension for public officers.

The Prime Minister and Government humiliated the public officers. Many of the teachers and public officers could not have honoured their mortgage payments and loans with financial institutions as a result of the NNP Government’s action.

No doubt about it, Prime Minister Mitchell has used his political might to destroy the excellent working relationship with Unions – the same Unions which co-operated and worked with his Government in the 2013 IMF Austerity Program.

Yes the COVID Pandemic is hurting the economy, but it’s an opportunity that Prime Minister Mitchell ought to use to rebuild trust and credibility with ORDINARY WORKERS. Make the sacrifice Prime Minister! Find the money and pay the WORKERS and rebuild the good working relationship.

The profitable Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme will sustain the $10/12 Million increase. Also, Dr. Mitchell, if your Government could find US$63 million to repurchase GRENLEC, the best managed private sector company in the nation at this time, then be wise and make the sacrifice to pay the teachers who are the primary educators of our children, and let peace and goodwill prevail in the nation.

Ray Roberts
Former TUC General Secretary