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Pay the workers

As I understand it, the Government of Grenada and the Trade Unions – Grenada Union of Teachers, Grenada Public Workers Union, Technical & Allied Workers Union, Police Welfare Association and the Prison Officers Association agreed to a 4% increase each year in salaries of the employees for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The commitment for 2020 was honoured on time, but for the year 2021 the government failed to honor the agreement so far, which has let to industrial action.

After much protests and demonstration, mediation has taken place between the Minister of Labour, GNT, GUT negotiation teams and as a result it has been agreed that payments should/will be made by August 31, 2021. The matter to go to Cabinet.

Am I to understand that the proposal which is to be taken to Cabinet will reflect payments to teachers only? If so what could we expect to be the reaction of members of GPWU and TAWU, not to mention those of the PWA and POA?

I am pondering a reaction – slow waters run deep- which could be very explosive. God alone knows when, and this may/can be very harmful to the lives of all including those who receive their first payment. Will Grenada be prepared/ satisfied with such?

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Fellow Grenadians I call upon the government once again to pay ALL the workers who are entitled to such payment at the same time. Warning BE Pro Active less we all eventually suffer.

Let’s us all look at what is the norm in most Civil/Democratic societies. Several passengers travelling on plane; and there was an accident, a number/core of them make a claim for damages or what have you, the matter goes before a court which rules in their favour. What happens?

All those who were passengers are entitled to payment/reward for damages sustained, No discrimination.

Will there be discrimination in the current matter between the government and the union and its employees?

Simeon Green