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Patrick Antoine – The drone

I have a serious concern about the leader of The Grenada Movement (TGM) Dr. Patrick Antoine who has expressed an interest in becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

It is not about his foreign accent which does not sound like a Grenadian but more like a Jamaican.

Let me come straight to the point so that this individual will get the message in very quick time.

How can he expect to enter politics and run for a seat and win anything when he is operating out of Trinidad and not among the people in the country?

I doubt that Grenadians in Trini country will be coming up in droves to vote for him in the upcoming election.

A few of us got into a discussion about Dr. Antoine in the rum shop and one of the boys said that the TGM Leader is behaving like a Drone, just up in the sky and then landing back down.

One of the fellah asked – what you mean that the man is behaving like a Drone and I had to laugh when I heard the explanation.

He said, well the TGM Leader takes a plane from Trinidad and then lands in Grenada for a few days and then takes the plane again a few days later and fly back down to Trinidad and it is only Drones that behave in such manner.

This is not a joking thing because there is a deep message inside this for Dr. Antoine that if he does not take stock quickly he will soon flop.

Dr. Antoine has been around with NNP for a number of years and should know by now that politics is all local and on the ground with the people.

In my area in the countryside, I only hear about TGM on the radio and television but not among the people.

Dr. Antoine has a lot of work to do if he is really serious about getting involved in the politics and making an impression on the people.

First of all, he needs a few foot soldiers to hit the ground running and most importantly the message to be delivered to the people.

Can Dr. Antoine prove to us that the Doc is not fit to lead the country by exposing his shortcoming and to present himself as the better man at the moment?

A lot of folks are already saying that Dr. Antoine sounds very much as a smart man like Dr. Keith and fraid him like cat fraid holy water. So it’s like replacing Satan with Satan with the TGM leader and Dr. Keith.

I hope that Dr. Pat gets the message and change his modus operandi and when the Drone lands in Grenada next time leave it on the ground and start meeting the people and try and convince them about your credentials.

The likes of Michael Church, Jenny Simon and Faye Thomson will not cut it and win the hearts and souls of the Grenadian people for the next election.

The Falcon