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Open our eyes and minds

Can someone tell agronomist Ms Allison Haynes from the MOA that land space in Grenada is not “very limited”.

Our interior is a virgin forest, totally untouched. We live along the coastlines. Check out the map! They also often tell us hills are unsuitable for agriculture yet China has had rice paddies for centuries on the terraced mountainsides.

We really need as a nation to stop just repeating what we are taught and told and open our eyes and minds to question some positions held for many years, intended to make us poorer and deny us food production and food security.

There are also some advantages in farming on hillsides regarding flood resistance, Irrigation, sunlight etc – I just Googled that.

We need a zero idle land policy with assistance to farmers, cooperatives, corporations or whatever interests qualify to participate.

What is happening in the interior of our island that we are not supposed to see or bring under cultivation?

Farm Watcher