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Open letter to the Prime Minister

Dr. Mitchell,

Some of us have listened to your engineered, impassioned plea to do an act of love to others by taking the poison chalice jab.

You and Pope Francis concur it’s an act of love and I see why. You both are in the same club – hoarders of filthy lucre and servants of darkness.

Make no mistake, God is the head of the Christian church, not Pope Francis. He is a man and whoever worships him is part of a cult. God is alive as you know, Dr. Mitchell, but he is not blind, as you think. He sees you on your private jets, he sees you at local hotels, he sees your concern that your glory days are under threat. You are walking on thin string.

He heard your pharaonic utterances in your national address about curfew and he does not approve. You know it is not justified.

Grenadians who have read your Ministry of Health COVID-19 website have compared some information there with what you have said in that address and realised that you and your team are too busy making mischief to stay on message.

Thirty years in politics never prepared you to number your days, nor understand the times. Time and favour are against you now.

Grenadians are smarter than you think. Tell us, did 18,000 Grenadians take the vaccine or just about 10,000, including SGU students? You should check out the math, as a famed mathematician.

A warning to those around you who see evil, the curtailing of people’s freedoms and oppression that repel their conscience and do nothing. God will not find them guiltless. You will all pay if you don’t repent.

We know of your sinister vector borne plot going on and that too shall fail. Those who have an ear, hear what the Spirit of God is saying.

The Close Observer