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Open letter to the parliamentarians of Grenada

Can you imagine the king of mismanagement, waste, victimisation, mamaguyism and broken promises (from Oil Boom to MOU, etcetera, etcetera), being the “Father” and “Mentor” of the Parliament of Grenada?

Before you allow Dr. Keith Mitchell to be your mentor, please consider the legacy that he presided over as Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique for 23 of the last 27 years, and as a leading Member of Parliament for 37 years consecutively.

And for those of us that are not completely blind, deaf and mute, let’s please take heed of all of the gross mismanagement (of our oil, gas, government estates and other national assets), waste (of human and other natural resources through bad acts and careless omissions), and the callously insensitive activities that are noted in the details below, which do not include the many claims of victimiSation of public service workers and other Grenadians.

“Monies Gambled and Lost, While Taxpayers Have Been Repaying | NNP’s Never Delivered, Failed Projects:”

  1. The Garden Group Squander – 13 million ECD
  2. The MNIB Gamble – 10.6 million ECD
  3. The Call Centre Scandal – 22.5 million ECD
  4. The Mt. Hartman-Miller Draw-Down Fiasco – 28 million ECD
  5. The Never Completed St. Mark Poultry Farm – 2 million ECD
  6. The Un-insured National Stadium – 154 million ECD
  7. The Never Developed Levera Project – 28 million ECD
  8. Three (3) Un-utilisable De-salination Plants – 10 million ECD
  9. The Cancellation & Settlement of the Dipcon Engineering Contract – 21 million ECD
  10. The Failed Shrimp Farm – 52.4 million ECD


*Yet to come is the mismanaged Kawana Bay Project, now in the hands of ICID in Washington. This may result in a court settlement that could be above 200 million ECD.

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