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Open letter to Edvin Martin

It is clear to all and sundry that the RGPF is being made into a “National Curse” like the NNP has become over the years.

The public has long concluded that it is only a matter of time before Keith Mitchell as Prime Minister whips the Police Commissioner.

It is now evident to many that the PM only favours a person who follows his orders each time he gives them and they do not interfere with his surrogates.

Let us take a look at some historical facts: In the beginning, Keith Mitchell created a CURSE within the RGPF and the curse took root and continues to plague the force and the country since.

Martin is being used to implement the wishes of Keith Mitchell in many areas and in many ways.

In many quarters, Martin is being seen as the worst Commissioner to occupy the chair.

We must all remember when KCM said in recent times that Grenada is a “mad house” and his waste of time friend Anthony Boatswain said there are demons in St Patrick’s.

Commissioner Martin like Winston James made promises which he never keeps. Where are the reports on all the misconduct taking place within the RGPF? The last we heard was the case in Grenville Police station.

Reports are that thus far nothing is being done and both the Victim and the Aggressor remain in the same environment.

A source who has been following that case revealed that the person responsible for taking action where Human Resource is concern has himself been carrying the culture of this practice.

The source also revealed that ‘Right under the Commissioner nose the problem exist”.

Mr. Martin, the police force is in dire need of rehabilitation and you must take action now. There are ways that you can begin to develop the force without you being manipulated by KCM.

Please take a page from you colleague in Trinidad and Tobago Commissioner Griffith and stand up to Keith Mitchell.

Finally, you must refrain from the ill advice you have been taking from even some of your staff, they may be entrapping you so that you can lose your job to someone else.

But as it is today, the police force is becoming an embarrassment, too much Imanis, NNP activists and persons who they just want to give a job ending up in the police force.

Until you are replaced which I think KCM has in his mind, please act like a fair and transparent Commissioner.

Police Watch Dog

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