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Oh Pedro

People, oh my people, open your eyes. Dr. Mitchell highlighted Pedro Peter David’s legacy of representing the town people but he failed to say Pedro cannot argue a case in court.

There is a belief in many quarters that Pedro used to strike deals in court and make the boys plead guilty and get a lesser sentence.

Today, his support base of young men in certain areas are all before the court for many, many different charges from money laundering, to arms and ammunition and the lesser crime – possession of and trafficking illegal drugs. Pedro boys now have to hire other attorneys and pay legal fees as the so-called Boss is a minister in government.

So, tell us Pedro, what representation have you provided for the latter? You see, once you are hiding in your shadows you cannot represent them. So, they all need to get it right, and vote you out in the upcoming general election.

The biggest blunder right now apart from you sending hand-outs and the thing for food, you used taxpayers’ money and not your own to erect toilet and bathroom facilities for some very vulnerable families. But, you failed to see that they don’t have any septic tanks and most of them have no water in their premises and no space to do a septic tank.

So you see Pedro, this kind of representation is far from assisting the people who need genuine assistance. Please also remember that your opponent was out during Covid-19 providing gas for needy people.

Tell us how many people you assisted to achieve something like how your office staff snapped at who asked for assistance for educational, medical and housing?

So you see, Pedro you are there only to grin your teeth in hiding while you send handouts instead of visiting and talking to your supporters, getting them out of the one track mindset and lifestyle.

Now, tell us what you really did to develop the town because it continues to be an eyesore. No proper recreational facilities, no community centers, no public library, no proper homes built nor roads and drains constructed while you are on your high horse.

Town people are speaking and bet you all the different things that you are handing out now, with all the calls to come and offers of wood and board won’t work this time around.

Tell Keith, you failed and your numbers are dwindling even as you give the hand-outs. They are saying we take it because our family wants their gratuity and pension, we want to know how 2 women around you get so rich overnight while the entire constituency suffers.

So Pedro, tell Keith to do a poll by someone genuine and not fake. By the way, materials continue to sit below people’s houses and rotting – that’s your legacy Pedro, your true legacy.

The Town Man