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Oh my Grenada

A bigger budget with the likelihood of less intake of revenue, the proposed borrowing of monies, bearing in mind that it was said in the recent past that there will be less grants, so how are we going to make it with no increase in taxes?

We have to wait to see what will be the outcome, but rest assured something has to give.

For now it appears that at the Sea Port a fair amount of cargo ships have been coming bringing a good amount of merchandise including construction materials by which government should earn some much-needed revenue.

But in the case of the Cruise Ship Industry/Port, it is evident that is a no, no, especially if Grenada is to stay/remain on top of the dreaded COVID-19.

In like manner, the MBIA will not be able to earn much with the very limited passenger planes coming. The cargo planes will not be able to enable government to earn much.

It is an established fact that most International plane/flights from wherever, are/will be grounded for an indefinite period because of COVID which continue to rise in Canada, U.S.A and Europe from where most of our tourists come.

It will also take months if not years before a vaccine comes in our part of the world to really remedy this pandemic thus enabling International flights and cruises to resume to enable government to earn revenue.

Now, it would be a better thing for government to utilise whatever little revenue they have by giving the teachers, public servants and others what is due to them which they will spend and from which government will get back some.

Commendable is the grant given to the Farmers Association which will enable it to purchase the produce and hope that it will be able to sell/export soon from which government will earn.

A little comment on the Budget. First permit me to use an analogy from the Good Book, Luke: 14:28-30…. “which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down, first and count the cost ….”.

An important saying as this man began to build and was not able to finish. There is wisdom to be drawn from it as there is little or no prospect for earning adequate revenue and the Tower (Country) will crash.

The proposed loan of $185m for the MBIA project and the $330m to finance the 2021 budget as proposed and the money to service traffic light, Imani programme among others should be shelved if not abandoned for now and use the money in the budget for Education, Health and Agriculture which will eventually enhance the growth of our economy.

Simeon Green

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