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Not me and Social Fund

I want to warn all patriotic Grenadians to be careful with this Social Fund that Dr. Keith Mitchell is trying to sell to the nation under the guise of helping people because of the Covid-19 virus.

This smart man always boast that he loves people and that everything he does is for the poor people of the country.

It is time for the Doc to walk the talk and give just EC$1 million from the $19 million that he declared to the Integrity Commission to the Fund.

Any time Dr. Keith do that then I am prepared to go all over Grenada to help promote the social Fund.

Too many people do not trust the doc and NNP with any fund given their past history of not accounting for monies given to them.

I had a conversation with the late Lloyd Noel before he died in his office and he was telling me about the real reason why the NNP broke off relations with Taiwan and moved to Mainland China.

Lloyd who was supportive of Taiwan said that the Chinese ambassador told him that he asked the NNP government to account for some money given to them so that they could present the figures in the Taiwanese Parliament as part of their accounting process because Taiwan now had an opposition that was asking questions about the use of money.

He said that Grenada refused to give a breakdown of the money from Taiwan and then just tell them to pack up and go.

It is now 16 years since Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada and a lot of money and material came into the country under the NNP for the people of Grenada?

Has anyone seen any report presented by Dr. Mitchell and his government to our Parliament on this money?

What I remember is that a lot of NNP supporters got material to build back their homes and a lot of them sold the material and used the money to do other things.

The NNP did not give any account for this nasty behaviour of their supporters.

I see somebody made reference to the Agency for Rural Development (ARD) that was set up by the NNP government after Ivan to help in the rebuilding process.

This was supposed to be a fund to assist poor and vulnerable persons who were affected by the hurricane.

I want to ask the Doc if the man who was being paid over $20, 000.00 a month from this fund is a poor man.

I also remember people talking about the lady from the doc constituency who couldn’t hold down a job in Cable & Wireless being paid $9000.00 from the fund. Is that lady a poor person?

Dr. Keith, I am prepared to give a donation to the fund once you get Sheldon Scott to pay back the money in the Cellphonegate scandal.

Doc, you will not be around forever in office and Sheldon should take heed and pay back the money because another government might come after him.

Doc, what about the fund NNP set up for the 2013 and 2018 elections and won both of them handsomely? Surely, not all the money was spent by the NNP in the campaign so some of the funds can be pulled out and given to the poor.

I also want to remind Dr. Keith about the money that were recovered by the man who was appointed to take over the affairs of Capbank from Mr. DeBourg.

We hear that the CapBank building in Grand Anse was sold for a few millions.

The people who had deposited money in the bank say that they have not received any of that money. What did the Receiver do with the money?

Doc, don’t you think that the CapBank depositors should get some account from the NNP government on their hard earned money?

Doc, it is your government that gave CapBank the license to do business on the island when the late Governor of the ECCB, Sir Dwight Venner advised strongly against that because DeBourg did not meet the criteria.

Doc, come back next year and let’s talk about the Social Fund again if you attend to a number of matters that the NNP government has a deficit on when it comes to accounting to our people.

The Grenadian Lover