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Not fit for FIU

As concerned police officers, we were very happy when we got the news that one of our co-worker was transferred, but we were extremely disturbed when we learned the office where she was placed.

We fear that the integrity of this office will be compromised. We have observed that transfers are being done with malice and vindictiveness and who you like and prefer. Is that the way we want the force to be heading?

We are calling on the Commissioner to find out from persons whom this individual has wronged, find out from the officers about their personal effects and other things that have turned up missing and the monies that were reimbursed for items.

Do a proper background check and find out about the individual’s associates at “Gunbattle” and while doing so, find out about the person’s lack of confidentiality when operations are planned.

Is that the kind of officer you want at the Financial Intelligence Unit, one of the most sensitive offices in law enforcement? Are you willing to disturb the probity and sensitivity of the office?

Stop turning a blind eye to the small things, and look at the greater picture. It may seem petty now until it starts escalating into bigger things, then you have to be back peddling to do damage control.

From the time this individual was transferred to our Police Station, officers suffered nothing but torment and mischief. This individual is very close to the hierarchy of the force and as such is always granted favours and easy tasks.

We have worked very hard for where we are today, while this person was handed everything from day one. This individual wants to be in charge of every department at our Police Station, so bringing news and telling lies on colleagues are the strong traits of the person.

We have often wondered the real reasons for the person leaving their previous job – was the person properly vetted before gaining entry into the Service? A lot of unanswered questions surround this young person.

With a change in Administration, the victimisation seems to have gotten worse as senior officers who felt they did not have a voice before, are definitely voicing their opinion and making decisions that benefit them and those who they are closely associated with.

We cannot call on the Commissioner to look into this biasness, because he is a part of it, but we are calling on the Hon. Prime Minister and Minister for National Security to look into this as this individual in no way or form is a fit person to be attached to FIU, as they are shady and lack morality.

This is about the country and not favourites, the election has long gone, it is about moving forward and building; but please don’t build on a rocky foundation, or because the hierarchy is fond of an individual; otherwise, we are spinning top in mud and going nowhere fast.

While we understand your need to put your people in your important offices and sensitive departments, do not bargain the veracity of this good office to please the public.

Annoyed and Concern