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NNP caught red-handed in selling diplomatic passports

This is only the tip of the Iceberg – as the Corruption in Grenada is far more reaching and much deeper in abuses.

The red Diplomatic Passport sales & barter schemes have been going on since the start of the CBI Program.

Dozens of Chinese nationals running around with Grenada Diplomatic Passports.

We have received tips and leads that some were obtained bringing in envelopes and attaché cases of cash via the VIP Arrivals Lounge to avoid possible Customs searches & met with Government Officials.

There is an entire project in the south that is being packaged on foundation of fraud and bribes and grave racketeering ways and means.

Dozens of Chinese supposed businessmen are running around with red Grenada Diplomatic Passports.

Worse than that Charles Liu was/is a prime example of such raging fraud and bribery and deceptive tactics – as he continued to arrive and snuck into Grenada via the VIP Arrivals Lounge.

This is just the Tip of the Iceberg; of Bribes and Fraud and even Shake-downs of others reluctant or refusing to pay up!! This was Racketeering at the very highest levels of the Government of Grenada operating undercover as a pure Criminal Enterprise.

Did not the Parliament of Grenada pass Legislation that half (50%) of CBI sales income was to be placed in Account at ECCB ? We assume cash bribes do not count. This is Fraud, Criminal Fraud!!!

More to come as many more tips and credible leads are pouring in.

J. Williams & Associates