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NDC – Grenada is watching

This weekend will determine if the NDC is serious about contesting the upcoming elections, and moreover will determine if the Party is serious about its future.

So many things have been unearthed about the style of governance that it is scary.

The choices for Leadership is concerning. I have heard Phillip Telesford speak on topics and issues, and even though he is not the smooth presenter, I heard him.

Dickon Mitchell, the high profile corporate lawyer, has not said a single word to the public, so we have no idea on what his thoughts are. Does he believe in God or is he in a Lodge?

Can he really show love and compassion for the average working man, especially since he has worked against them for years, while representing major business.

The position for Deputy Leader, is another serious concern. Claudette Joseph is a known back-biter and works to always destabilise anything that does not allow her to have her own way.

Adrian Thomas has held the position for a while now but has never given himself a real chance of showing his leadership skills, most of which must be attributed to the malicious attempt of Joseph in her bid to want to become leader.

The economist from St. Andrew should just wait and hope for a job in the Ministry to put his excellent talent and skills to work, and leave frontline politics alone.

Public Relations Officer, is another office of interest. In recent weeks it was made clear that the internal forces have worked strategically to discredit Jason Skeete, in an effort to push forward another unknown, inexperienced upstart with no political experience, Orlando Romain.

Skeete is clearly the more experienced, knowledgeable, commanding, strategic, and a public person. No one knows anything about the other young man who is clearly being pushed by the Party derelicts because he can be manipulated by them.

If Skeete does win the post, as I think he should, he will have a mountainous task in selling the high command of the party to the public.

General Secretary is a hot mess. I am clueless as to why Glen Noel still wants to be the face of the party especially in an election season. I firmly believe that Ron Redhead, or Lerry Barry will be a much better fit for the position.

Barry has a history of working the ground in recent years. He also has an energy that sits well with everyone he comes into contact with, very likeable guy, and well educated.

Redhead is a more diplomatic high profile youth who will be able to appeal to the above ground people (not that Barry cannot), but I will love to have Barry and Redhead as a perfect tag team….and I hope that is possible.

The other positions are elementary at this stage, because their success hinges on the success of the Leader, Deputy leader, PRO, and Gen Sec.

For the sake of country I hope the NDC can get it right in this critical period, because, Grenada is depending on them to show capability, maturity, and class.

For the sake of the Party all the internal bickering and attempting to smear the character of their own has to stop because it will be the end of the Party, and many of those involved in the NDC will not have a smooth welcome ( if any at all) to any other political organisation.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

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