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NDC – best choice for a prosperous Grenada

As the members of the NDC give solemn thought to the appointment of a political leader, I wish to encourage Mr. Nazim Burke, Ms. Claudette Joseph, Mr. Adrian Thomas, and any member of the NDC with the requisite skills and qualities necessary to make a difference in this country to come forward and offer themselves, make a case for their selection and let the delegates at the Convention choose.

I make this call in light of the recent swearing in by the Governor-General of retired member of parliament Roland Bhola as a Senator in the Upper House of parliament.

I could not help but conclude that the NNP party must be experiencing serious internal problems that it could not look outside the ‘old boys club’ to find a replacement for the youthful senator who had resigned. Is there a hidden motive behind this appointment? And by the way has anyone felt the impact of the young senators, Judd Cadet and Katisha Williams in the Senate? Has any member of the NNP question or voice their non-support for that move?

It has been rumoured that the appointment of Mr. Bhola to the Senate is because the current crop of Senators is no match to the three that were recently appointed. But this causes me to think that it is because there is no genuine leadership development program in place to prepare anyone outside of the selected few within that party. This point of view is drawn from Prime Minister Mitchell’s own comments that he has seen no one within the ranks of his party to hold the reigns of Party Leader or Prime Minister.

Compare this with what is happening within the NDC. I was pleased to see the performance of Nazim Burke, Ron Redhead and Lennox Andrews on the “Beyond the Headlines” programme and other young people have voiced their opinions on social media and other electronic media outlets making serious contributions to the Budget Debate.

These three Grenadian sons who are members of the NDC demonstrated their competence and knowledge of the finances of this country. Their responses to the tough questions demonstrated that they have the knowledge and competence needed in this time of crisis and should be afforded the opportunity to play a serious role in the shaping of 21st century Grenada.

However, the person who struck me the most was Ron Redhead. After his appearance on the “Beyond the Headlines” programme, I noticed a Facebook post which said, “I have never seen a politician young or old improve in diplomacy or depth like Ron Redhead”. It is a pleasure watching your growth brother.   Can that be said of the young people on the other side?

I respectfully submit that with the growth and leadership being exhibited by the youths within the NDC we have the perfect formula for selecting a combination of experience, youth, women, character, and competence as a winning ticket to lead this country out of the throes of economic and social chaos.

I am aware that the NDC has been approaching a number of persons to come into its ranks as well as many have walked into its open door preferring instead to work behind the scenes in support of the work of the organisation.

It appears that the party does not wish to parachute anyone into the leadership chair but has been encouraging newcomers to work at the constituency level to strengthen the NDC from the bottom up.

I think it is a sensible strategy to ensure that those who are joining for the first time have a genuine interest in the success of the organisation, because it is important that persons who ascend to the leadership of the Party must have a good appreciation of the values, culture and philosophy of the NDC and be willing to stick to the fight during difficult times.

Ascending to the position of political leader is no simple job. One must be prepared for the worst and be willing to put country ahead of self-interest because the negatives will come, and the struggles are real, but the reverse is also true. Success is sweet especially after a hard-fought battle.

I use this opportunity to encourage you to support the work of the National Democratic Congress. Much has been accomplished during the past few years and from what I have seen the party is now ready to face any challenge that might come its way.

Long live the NDC

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