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NAWASA failure to notify the public on water outages

I am truly disappointed in NAWASA. If there’s one thing everyone knows about NAWASA, it is their lack of communication when it comes to water outages.

But why would you not notify those living in Mont Tout, Lance Aux Epines and other surrounding areas that we would not have water for at least 4 days! It began in the middle of the week and went all into the Easter holiday.

Apparently, there was some construction happening around Sugar Mill that caused the water outages. However, this was NOT communicated on your Facebook page nor on any news outlet beforehand.

NAWASA, please do better! This shows that you do not care about your customers AT ALL! And this is not the first time either. Whoever oversees Public Relations, you all hardly send out notices in a timely manner.

Sometimes, you would even advise people to store water AFTER taking off water. How would we store water if you all already took it off? This is ridiculous. A compassionate and sensible Public Relations or communications team would make sure the people are aware of what is going on.

This is a failure on your part that has continued to happen time and time again with no signs of it being rectified. Now, citizens like myself have to scramble here and there trying to find water to have a decent bath and to not dehydrate.

This is EASTER! I should instead be joyfully eating my provision and saltfish and enjoying my break. Instead, I’m here worrying about this. NAWASA, do better!

Very Upset Customer