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My sweet, sweet Grenada

My sweet, sweet Grenada. How I love you badly.

We have two justice systems – one for locals and one for foreigners! So many of our young men and women are perishing in Richmond Hill prison on remand awaiting their day in court for some minor offenses.

Yet, some Trinis committed such a brutal crime against our sporting hero and with lightning speed the Trinis case called and as a matter of fact the Chief Magistrate Teddy St. Louis cut short his vacation to facilitate their speedy trial.

How about so many cases before our courts suffering adjournment after adjournment while our youths languish on remand in prison.

And to add insult to injury after the Trinis case was heard, there was talk about keeping them on remand at a police station while they await sentencing. When Grenadian offenders are afforded such luxury?

Am hearing that this was being put forward on the grounds that their lives will be in danger!

Did the Trinis think about how sharks could have eaten Andersen Peters when he was thrown overboard?

I miss Jonah – if he was in power I would have been all over the news outlets bawling out double standards but with transformation ah bawling with my mouth closed.

Serious Onlooker

Editor’s Note: The four Trinidadians were kept at the Richmond Hill prison on remand before their sentencing on Wednesday by the Chief Magistrate