More Questions than Answers

  • Why are we fighting for basic human rights in 2020?
  • Why is our leadership trying to dictate in a democratic state?
  • Who are the people advising the Grenada Government?
  • Is the Prime Minister serious about that Coronavirus Control Bill?
  • Why do we still need a State of Emergency?
  • What else was slipped through, tabled and passed, that we don’t know about?

The more I think the more questions come to mind, and I am scared. Scared because it is clear that Dr. Mitchell and his team only care about themselves.

Grenada needs to wake up and see what is happening. I know that many of you are still blinded by the fancy talking, Keith Mitchell.

I know many of you are scared to take a deeper look into what is really happening, because you are ashamed of what you might see.

Many of you drank the lies, but don’t worry, I drank it too for some time, until I started to think, and ask questions. Then I was sidelined, economically cut off, young talented ready to work for my country, but, because I was no longer following the dictator, I was left to waste away.

Here we are, having to use social media, for the Prime Minister to hear our cry. Here we are fighting the dictator for our basic rights.


  • Are you telling us that the only lawyer capable of fitting the bill to be Attorney General is a Guyanese, who obviously has no knowledge of what the position requires?
  • Why are the local lawyers sitting and take this, and allowing the Guyanese, to rule over them?
  • Guyana needs your legal help now more than ever, why you Mr. A.G not there helping your country?

Guyana needs that bill now more than any other country in the region.

Mr. Prime Minister, more than 85 % of the items presented in the proposed bill has no direct relation to the spread and or controlling of the COVID 19.

Mr. Prime Minister, you and your Minister for Health and Health officials, along with your BIG BOY police friends boasted that Grenada has done remarkably well, in limiting the spread of the virus. You further stated that we have one of the best records in the region in dealing with and controlling COVID 19.

Boss Man, you told us it is okay for businesses to re-open, public transportation is back on the roads, curfew has been lifted. We are now back to the best normal we have ever been since mid-March 2020.

So please answer the following questions for me:

  • When will there be an official release from the State Of Emergency (S.O.E)?
  • Why do we need a bill of that nature as you were preparing to pass?
  • Why do you need to spy on our phones and computers?

There is no threat to national security, there has never been, since 1983, so why are we getting the feeling that we are back there?

As a registered voter I have some serious concerns about the other 14 people elected to the Parliament.

  • So you are telling me SEVEN WOMEN IN THE PARLIAMENT, many of whom are mothers (if not all), and none of your maternal instincts were activated, to the point where you can watch a man CONTROL your children, in your constituency?
  • So none of you women, who were touted as Independent thinking, loving, caring, professional and all that, never had the voice to say, NO, THIS WILL NOT RESSONATE WELL WITH MY CONSTITUENTS?
  • How can I vote for you again, after you were prepared to secretly sell out my freedom?
  • AND THE MEN IN Parliament are you telling me that you were comfortable watching and knowing that your family was being placed to live under those conditions?
  • Where is your testicular fortitude, do you have any?
  • Why should I vote for any of you again, after you were prepared to sell me as a slave to your master?

An awakening took place, and I cannot be more pleased to see the young people voice their opinion, we all took to social media, we raised our voices, we stood up to a tyrant. But make no mistake about it, things will become harder for us now.

We expect to suddenly find it difficult to access certain things which were once easy. Suddenly the folks who would have assisted us we will not get their assistance anymore.

Our parents will see a new level of economic hardship. Some of us will be totally isolated. All because we spoke, because we stood up to a tyrant.

And while we are serious about our future, who is fighting for us, and with us, against the tyrant, has to now be our concern.

So I have some more questions,

  • Do we have an opposition?
  • Tobias Clement was sworn in as the country’s first opposition leader in eight years, and he came in like a wet fowl, clueless, and careless. Where is Tobias Clement?
  • Why are you not leading the charge as Opposition Leader against Keith Mitchell?
  • Are you scared of Keith Mitchell?
  • Are you still working for Keith Mitchell?
  • Was your installation as Opposition Leader a sham to fool us?
  • Where are the opposition senators you selected, how come they are so quiet?
  • Don’t the opposition senators know what their role and function is?
  • Are they just profiling to collect ah money?
  • Where are Tobias Clement and his opposition senators?
  • Should we even ask, do we really want to know?

Time for the main opposition party to take the lead. Not by writing the long articles on paper, but we want to see you, NOW.

Do some Facebook live, come and talk to us, campaign against the tyrant, show us that you are worthy of wanting our attention.

Franka, as a mother, I expected to see you on social media, I expected to hear you over the past few days, but you were absent.

Too much time spent on meeting and discussion within the party on issues, by the time you come to talk, the subject is stale news. Franka, stay current, stay relevant, stay ready, because we have some questions that will affect you as well.

  • Where is the NDC in all this, days gone and we have not SEEN them?
  • Is the party functioning, or is it a group just existing?
  • Is there need for a fresh new political organisation?
  • Are we ready to see more vibrant young people in politics?
  • Should the young people in the NDC step out and spread their wings?

Our country needs us now more than ever; we are on the verge of a collapse or a new birth of something special. Are we scared? Yes we are.

But we have also learned that if our dreams don’t scare us then our dreams are too small. We have seen many come and go, many bow to the pressure of economic instability and promises.

Some have sold us out intentionally, some inadvertently, some have called us spineless, some have said we need to wait our turn.



The Young Watchman

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