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More and more are dying

Confident that your media is not one in Grenada that is muzzled or controlled by this government in order to hinder free expression, I seek a space for publication of this article.

At one time it was said that more people were/are living longer lives in several parts of the world including Grenada.

This may be true, but from what we have been experiencing in recent time in Grenada is that many persons, young, not so old and old are dying not because of the normal degeneration of the human body but because of the lack of the necessary healthcare which should be provided mainly by the government of the day.

We have been complaining for many years of the lack of proper services at our institutions and for decades our nationals/people in the diaspora heard our cries, recognised our needs and provided much needed assistance along with corporate citizens in Grenada and even foreign institutions and governments, yet more often than not we read, hear or have personal experiences of our loved ones suffering, dying all because of the lack of proper facilities: inadequate amount of beds, medication, nurses and doctors to attend to patients at the clinics and hospitals.

These are facts/true stories. Persons had to be rushed from both the Princess Alice and Mirabeau Hospitals to the General Hospital or overseas. One recent case is that of our beloved Dr. Winston Thomas, not to mention the recorded number of infant mortality.

Don’t ask me to provide the statistics, it is an established fact in so much so that it was said that the government had set up an investigation into the cause as one hears of the complaints and mourning of family for their lost ones. The government is fully aware of all of this.

The nurses, doctors, administrators, even some Permanent Secretaries have all drawn this deplorable situation to the authorities, but it has either fallen on deaf ears or the response is the Fiscal Law does not allow them to employ persons to satisfy those needs, but one may recall a statement made that a record amount of sixty five new recruits were taken into the Police Force earlier this year, a number of Traffic Wardens, fourteen elite officers of the security services were paid over $200, 000.00 in lieu of leave, $70,000.00 were paid for cell phone calls made in three months by a non-employee of government, Sheldon Scott, judgment handed down by the courts that government must pay to persons and or entities wronged by it in the tune of millions of dollars, while our people continue to suffer/die because of the lack of funds to support the health services.

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It is an established fact that some professionals in the service have become so frustrated that they resign, retire or left the service seeking greener pastures. Droves of nurses have left the service and found employment in neighbouring Trinidad and the UK and government does not find it fit to fill the vacancy, an area which was inadequately provided for long before the brain drain.

Recently one heard of eerie stories of deaths which from all appearances could have been averted if a doctor was available, also several public officers are constantly falling sick at their work places, why ?

Happenings have been taking place at the Ministerial Complex in so much so that they had to attend to the air condition unit often, had to remove much of the carpet and recently parts of the interior of the building were flooded, ceiling falling, employees at all levels there have been falling sick, some even dying, why? Are there moulds in the building which is affecting the health of the employees?

When the justices moved into the Cable & Wireless building on Hughes Street and the Carenage it was said that some of them fell ill also, an investigation was carried out which determined that the building was not fit for them to work in, so it was shut down.

I don’t want to entertain the thought of discrimination fully aware of the battles that were fought and can see the victor or victors in the making but what of the workers not only at the Ministerial Complex but also other government workplaces and more so our suffering population.

Where does government priority lie at the disposal of a few or in the pockets of several parliamentarians and cronies? God help us.

Simeon Green