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Money over lives

Grenadians, please open all your eyes and read the dashboard from the Ministry of Health.

They are really trying to fool us but we have sense. Check it out. They hardly doing any testing because the policy of government is money before lives. Yes, money before lives.

They have failed to test the over populated rum shop on St John’s Street where someone immediately after leaving there, fell ill, very ill with Covid and died less than a week later.

A senior citizen in town got the virus at home and she died. They failed to test the gang of gangsters on 4-Roads boarding in her hotel – one coughing like old pan. No testing has been done on the streets in town and elsewhere.

Some persons say they go to test for Covid and the lines too long. If they love us, Nikki Steele will send them to test especially where victims comes from.

Keith Mitchell, you playing games with us. How much more deaths you want in your containers before all you get it right?

It was just lockdown weekends and little testing. They should have sent teams all over the place especially to those homes and do testing.

Please tell us the real truth – do you have test kits to do all the tests that are needed to be done in the country?

People, let me tell you all something – they are not doing serious testing of the population for Covid-19. The truth hurts but they are not. They are pushing vaccines when they should be testing everyone, man Jack and body then push vaccination. We are heading for more deaths at some point in time.

Yes Keith, please test randomly. Mandate testing then you can push your vaccine. Go to the fish market and tell me what you see – masks below chin and some persons no masks at all and they are selling to the public.

Doc, all in stores in town you see the workers with masks below chin. People, all you better try to stock up on food because the first wave is far from over.

The other thing is this: Please Emmalin leave the children where they are safe. January is not far off. Let us save lives then livelihood will move forward.

The Happy Thinker