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MNIB needs open-heart surgery

Over the last 10 years, MNIB has been severely neglected by the NNP administration. All the stakeholders are unhappy and dissatisfied with the present state of the company.

Since the scandal of 2018, the company has been begging for an overhaul. I’m kindly asking our newly elected Prime Minister to do open heart surgery on MNIB, if it is to work for the benefit of farmers and as such the board and management must go.

Mr. PM, the present board and most of the management team were the same people around during the time Ruel Edwards was said to be mismanaging, they are also responsible for the downfall of MNIB. Please remove, restructure and replace these people as they are not performing.

The new CEO also needs to go, when a person is receiving such a large salary they need to make a serious and immediate impact. She hasn’t made any significant changes or implemented any plans or programs to help the company approach the point of breakeven.

At times it doesn’t even seem like she is in charge. At this point, I think she should just resign.

PM, the farmers are crying out for real help, I imagine with the bigger countries planning for food shortage, food security should be on the top of your agenda.

In your profession, you may not have dealt with many farmers but as Prime Minister, the Agriculture Industry is dying for your help, and addressing the MNIB is a major part of that.

The Senator for Agriculture came from MNIB, full of insider knowledge but for some reason it appears like he is reluctant to deal with the burning issues such as bad management, square pegs in round holes, high employee turnover, pricing issues, old transport, and equipment, etc.

At one point MNIB was the biggest exporter of fresh produce on the Island, now it is not even in the top 3. Why? Why?

Mr. Prime Minister, do not read any fake report and false numbers, get inside the company and ask tough questions. Get rid of all the ineffective board members, managers, and staff.

MNIB is critically important to the lives and livelihoods of thousands of farmers and we are grieving.

A Hurting Farmer