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Misinformation about the Oath of Allegiance and our Head of State must stop

In the 16th February issue of this newspaper, an article titled ‘Edwin: “We are ready for that step”’ continued an unfortunate trend in this country. This trend being the spreading of rampant misinformation about the Oath of Allegiance and Grenada’s head of state.

Mr. Jerry Edwin, an attorney-at-law, and this very newspaper, inadvertently by not correcting the record in regards to his statements, continued spreading the unfortunately all too common incorrect narrative that our representatives swear allegiance to the British monarch, and that the British monarch is our head of state.

The Grenada Monarchist League deplores this careless spreading of misinformation, which muddies the waters of our constitutional status, and robs Grenadians of the correct understanding of our constitutional system that they deserve.

As laid out in the article, ‘The Oath of Allegiance is already to Grenada’ by “Grenada Loyalist”, published in this newspaper on 9th February, our representatives do not swear allegiance to the British monarch, and surely an attorney such as Mr. Edwin should be aware of that.

Our representatives swear an oath of allegiance not to the British monarch, but to the Grenadian monarch. The oath is sworn to the King of Grenada, who is our head of state.

King Charles III is, ‘By the Grace of God, King of Grenada and of His Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth’, as proclaimed by Governor-General Dame Cécile La Grenade on 12 September 2022, following the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

His position as King of Grenada is entirely, fully and wholly separate and independent from his position as King of the United Kingdom. Upon the moment of independence on 7 February 1974, the British Crown ceased to exist in or have any authority over Grenada, and was replaced fully and wholly by the Grenadian Crown, a wholly new and separate entity and institution.

This is as per the principle of the Divisibility of the Crown, under which the Crown in each of the King’s realms is wholly separate, distinct and equal. None subordinate or superior to another. As such, the King is equally much but also entirely separately King of Grenada as he is King of the United Kingdom, King of Canada, or King of Jamaica.

Our head of state is the King of Grenada, not the King of the United Kingdom. This is a constitutional fact, again one surely an attorney such as Mr. Edwin, and certainly Dr. Alexis, should know.

The status of the Crown as divisible between the realms has been a fact since 1931, hardly a new invention which they might have missed.

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In all matters relating to Grenada, King Charles III may take advice only from Grenadian ministers, and is bound only by the Grenadian constitution and our laws. He is, in fact, legally a different person to the King of the United Kingdom.

The King of the United Kingdom has no power in Grenada, and may take no actions in regard to our country. As such, we are already fully and wholly independent and have already cut ties to the British monarchy. We did so on 7. February 1974, replacing it with our own indigenous Grenadian monarchy. Our own Nutmeg Crown.

Swearing allegiance to the King of Grenada is the same thing as swearing allegiance to Grenada, because one is swearing allegiance to the living embodiment of the Grenadian state: the King. Our representatives do not swear allegiance to a foreign monarch, a “coloniser” but to our own monarch. Our own Grenadian monarch. As such changing the oath of allegiance is pointless and a waste of time, not to mention breaking centuries of tradition and constitutional practice throughout the Commonwealth. As suggested by Grenada Loyalist, the only change to the oath, if any, should be to make clear that the oath is sworn to “His Majesty King Charles III, King of Grenada”, as is done in Canada and New Zealand.

The spread of this sort of misinformation must stop. The Grenadian people deserve to be aware of our true constitutional arrangements, and misleading them into believing we have the British monarch as our head of state, and are thus somehow not fully and totally independent of Britain, is a disservice to the public.

The Grenadian monarchy is a fundamental cornerstone of our constitutional parliamentary democracy. Grenadians all deserve to know the facts about it, not misinformation and falsehoods trying to make it appear like a colonial leftover, rather than the wholly independent Grenadian institution it has been since 1974.

The Grenada Monarchist League is committed to ensuring that this sort of misinformation does not spread further. Thus we humbly requests this excellent newspaper, other newspaper publications, and academics such as Dr. Alexis and Mr. Edwin who should certainly know better, to make efforts to avoid inadvertently being part of spreading such false information in the future.

We cut ties with the British monarchy in 1974, and continuing to say that we have the British monarch as head of state is as erroneous as saying we have the Australian or Antiguan monarch as our head of state, or that the United Kingdom has the Grenadian monarch as head of state.

The Grenada Monarchist League