Men Who Are Pollutants In Their Own Right

When men themselves are a pollutant, the world would be better rid of them to become a better place.

This opinion should be about the Caribbean, which is in danger of its reefs dying, where government agencies burn car and truck tyres, and governments allow or are complacent in the removal of sand from beaches. Where some islands still discharge sewage into the sea. Where insecticides are used despite being banned elsewhere, but these are kinds of pollutants that can be easily rectified with the will to do so.

But what if the pollutant is a government or even a single man? I know Vladimir Putin is not a Caribbean man, but he is polluting the Caribbean. Putin bribes people around the world until today he owns quite a few Caribbean and South American leaders and their countries’ economies.

The Castro Brothers and the Cuban government have been polluting the Caribbean and the Americas for years with their nasty form of communism. Hugo Chavez was a major pollutant buying billions of dollars of arms and military equipment from the Russians, and wrecking Venezuela socially, financially, and commercially.

The wrecking ball and chain in Venezuela were inherited by Nicholas Maduro when Chavez died. Maduro trained politically in Cuba has continued to wreck Venezuela with the aid of Putin and Russia.

The leadership in all these pollutant forces are becoming so rich in some cases, it’s incalculable. Putin has a fortune said to be $200 billion. Chavez was said to have $6 billion, Fidel Castro estimated at $10 billion.

Most of them have mega yachts and houses and palaces in several countries on several continents.
Under Maduro’s dictator leadership, gold has flowed out of Venezuela like a fast running mountain stream, ending in Russia, Dubai, Africa, and Turkey. The gold has been sold, moved, and stored in dubious places under the control of dubious people. There is much being written about the Maduro regime (even about his family) being involved in the cocaine trade.

These people are genuine pollutants of not just their own countries, polluting the voting systems and the finances and industries. They are polluters of the world. None of them are satisfied with staying within their borders, every one of them is like cancer spreading indecency where decency once reigned, true pollutants.

That raises another question, if pollutants are cumulative, how does that affect these rather nasty men? Well it can sometimes be seen by their families becoming pollutants as well. For instance the daughter of Hugo Chavez is the richest woman in the hemisphere, and every close member of his family is also a billionaire.
But what of those lesser wannabees? What of those who watch the big boys polluting and getting rich and want to join the fray? Leaders of little island states with populations no bigger than small towns or large villages elsewhere. What about those budding polluters.

Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves is the Prime Minister of a small multi-island state, for years now working his way up the ladder in the pollutant league. Leader of a student uprising in Jamaica that resulted in death and destruction in the late ’60s. He is a follower of the Castro style of leadership, and government, and loves the Marxist communist system.

A man that helped and supported Maurice Bishop, the Marxist revolutionary in Grenada. A revolution that saw people locked up for years without trial and massive fraud against the IMF and World Bank along with prospective bondholders.

A regime that tortured citizens in which Bishop himself took part.

Grenada is a small island state, and Bishop was yet another pollutant.

Gonsalves has sided with Hugo Chavez and supported a policy that saw money moving from the Venezuelan people’s coffers to an account in his island and others, while babies died from starvation and lack of medicines and medical treatment.

On the cumulative front, Gonsalves has brought almost everyone in his direct family into a government position and stands accused of creating a dynasty, with his son Camillo appointed to the second most powerful position in government, even his cousin Julian Francis as a perennial species of Senator.
Francis tried hard to get elected, but the people rejected him, so Ralph made him a perennial, certainly not a flower, more a poison ivy.

Dynasty supporters have been knighted for services to dynasty members, of course described as other reasons.

People in Venezuela are starving, dying of lack of proper medical treatment and equipment that works. The people are without jobs, the shop shelves are bare, and 4 million citizens have marched across borders to get better treatment from strangers than they get from their government. If they protest, they are murdered on the streets or dragged from their homes to disappear.

Now Maduro has declared that those that left the country are to have their property confiscated by the state and sold. All this is happening on the instruction of Nicholas Maduro, who is currently in power having rigged elections to stay in power. The U.N is investigating the Maduro regime in Venezuela for torture, extrajudicial killings and other human rights abuse, Maduro has said they are not welcome.

Ralph Gonsalves supports all of this and continually shows support and solidarity with Cuba and Venezuela and their dirty leaders. He recently said at the UN that “the solutions to the conflicts in Venezuela will be only through the facilitation of a peaceful road, and it is necessary to respect their sovereignty.”

This is direct support for the Maduro regime. He does not care one iota about the Venezuelan people; he has proved that in the past and again proves it by making this statement.

So is Gonsalves a pollutant? Yes, he is! And has been for a very long time. He has been in power in SVG for about 18 years. He came to power via the influence on the people of what was called the “Road Block Revolution.” His party has been accused of vote-rigging to win elections. We certainly know that thousands have been polluted before elections by being bribed to vote ULP with multi-millions of dollars worth of building materials.

What is rather surprising is that Gonsalves’ charisma carries him beyond most personal problems that arrive. When he was accused of rape and sexual assault, the people supported him and stood by him.

The people are expected to accept and live by socialism while these leaders live high on the hog. Just remember “democracy dies in darkness” the same darkness that the Prince of Darkness resides in, Satan lives with and holds the hands of these people who I have discussed here today.

Jolly Green

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