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Letter to Elvin Martin, Commissioner of Police

Dear Respected Commissioner,

Please find below a Chronology of my Formal 24 July 2022 Complaint vs yourself

(1). No acknowledgement of receipt of my Complaint to date 5 Sept 22.

(2). This undated Text message below purporting to come from one Supt Curwen of the Grenada Police Force was sent to my telephone on 27 July 2022.

“……Good afternoon Ms Burning. This is Superintendent Curwen with the RGPF. I am presently in charge of crimes and will like to discuss the issue of the bail and the alleged witness tampering concerning the matter for which you have been engaging the RGPF. Please feel free to reach out to me with whatever concerns you may have and I will do my utmost to provide answers to you the best I can.”

(3). Given its contents and lack of formality – I sent the text to Officer Tafawa, my original police contact at Sauteurs Police Station asking him to confirm its authenticity

He phoned me back and confirmed that:-

(A) The message and messenger was indeed genuine, adding that it was in fact he himself who was approached by this Supt. Curwen for my details which he provided.

(B). He advised me that Supt Curwen will be calling me and to cooperate with him.

(C). Nothing has been heard from this Supt Curwen or Officer Tafawa since 28 July

Questions arising therefrom:-

(1). See text above which contradicted who should be calling whom.

(2). Mr Tafawa made no mention of the curious name Supt Curwen chose to address myself by…although he claimed he was the source of my contact info.

(3). Both Mr Tafawa and Supt Curwen asked me to provide more information when I have already lodged a FORMAL Complaint detailing all of my concerns. What more do they need from me?

(4). I have heard nothing since in any case and I have no intention of calling either of these two Police Officers who –

(a). addressed me in this sarcastic, provocative, insulting and highly insensitive manner given all the traumatic circumstances.

(b). concur and collude with this name – calling above by pretending not to notice and ignoring it (Mr. Tafawa)

(5). I decided to await the Supt return call supposedly on behalf of yourself the Commissioner in order to interrogate him about :

(1). Why he addressed me as “Ms Burning”?.

(2). Why didn’t he email me as specially requested of you, Commissioner in my Formal Complaint?

(3). Why did he need to request my contact details from Mr. Tafawa if he was really delegated to address my Complaint directly by yourself as Commissioner or by someone on your behalf? (and presumably had seen it.?)

(4)a…If he didn’t see or read my Complaint why not?

(b). How could he begin to seriously investigate my complaint vs yourself as the Commissioner without seeing it and acquainting himself with it? Is his time-wasting related to any overtime claims?

(5). How could he be – as a Supt of Police junior to yourself – competent to Investigate my Complaint against yourself his Senior & Commissioner?

(6). Does this inverted downside -up modus operandi, is custom &/ or practice? accord with the laid down Procedures for handling Police Complaints in Grenada?

ie the Officer being complained about able to select a junior officer to himself/ herself to investigate himself/ herself?

If this is the case, I wonder whether ipso facto this power was ALSO extended to the well-known violent criminal in Sauteurs who murdered my brother and caused the death of our elderly mother and the destruction of our family home?

If this is the case, the demand in my July 24 Complaint for a speedy & thorough investigation into the possible corrupt links between the Sauteurs police and the mother of the murder accused who was a serving Police Officer is therefore misplaced because like yourself, the murder accused is ALSO able to select his police Investigator (or delegate his mother to do so on his behalf.)

The resulting sham Investigation and consequent bailing of this well-known & violent criminal to his mother’s home appears consistent with the manner in which you as Commissioner has decided to address my Complaint against yourself.

You are well aware that the law of Natural Justice & proper Police practice dictates that a man or woman cannot be Judge in his/her own cause. This is axiomatic and ABC law .

Who can therefore blame myself and our Duncan Family as overseas citizens born and bred in Grenada for throwing up our hands in great collective despair and severing all contact with both yourself as Commissioner and also those in the newly elected Administration in the Ministry of Justice (copied) who are ultimately responsible for the operation and conduct of the Grenada Police Far..oops! Force?

Of course at all times assuming that the Text message I received above (and subsequently endorsed & validated by Officer Tafawa in Sauteurs) is genuine and accords with the Police Complaints Procedures … I enjoin you to order a prompt & thorough investigation into whether or not this Text received is a clear provocation intended to victimise me for daring to complain:

If proven, the unintended consequence of this Mickey Mouse charade is to further embarrass yourself as Police Commissioner & to bring the entire Police Force into even more disrepute on this matter.

In which latter case and in order to assist you in your inquiries kindly consider this another Formal Complaint against both:

(1).Officer Tafawa and

(2). Supt Curwen (or whomsoever Officer Tafawa may have opportuned to impersonate Supt Curwen?) for (A). Their joint insult ( Ms Burning), (B) unprofessional conduct & communication, (C).Unexplained delay since 27 July to date to contact me & wasting Police time, (d) (Justice delayed and denied)

Their apparent attempts to interfere with if not pervert the Police Complaints Procedure in addressing my complaint against yourself.

(E). Any other improper & unprofessional Conduct your investigation into this my 2nd Formal complaint may unearth.

Finally while I am still awaiting a Formal acknowledgement of receipt and response to my original 24 July Complaint against yourself ,(and how you intend to address it) it is surely not necessary to ask AGAIN that you do the same for this my 2nd Complaint .

I note with respect that it is this very lack of courtesy and Professionalism (in failing to acknowledge my Complaint to my email address above & below which may have allowed others above to deliver insults under the pretense of addressing such serious concerns on your behalf and on your Watch.

Kindly now ensure that this letter is copied to all of those at the Political level to whom you report and/or are ultimately accountable to, eg the new Government Ministers responsible for the Police and the Administration of Justice & Legal Affairs.


Ms Martha Duncan for and on behalf of the Duncan Family – 93 Broughton Road, London CR7 6AJ, United Kingdom

Hon Dickon Mitchell
Prime Minister of Grenada