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Let the changes flow

I believe that there is a bible verse that says if one smite you on one cheek, turn the other also. However the Muslim I believe version of this is let that person see the other side of you.

I will take my time to expose a few issues that are known to me and have been told to me and based on information received. While some may be allegations some I know are truthful and indisputable.

Under the NNP administration Ann Isaac who was the PS in the Prime Minister’s office under the Tillman Thomas Administration was removed and dumped in the stadium.

Gemma Bain-Thomas, former Cabinet Secretary was removed by the NNP administration and sent to Legal Affairs then to the Anti-money Laundering Commission.

Veronica Charles just because of exposing the wrongs done in her ministry was removed and sent to the stadium. PS Bhagwan was demoted from a PS and sent to the post office. We also know of all the public officers to include custom officers who were removed.

Former Supt Godfrey Flemming was moved from Immigration sent to Fire then Audit only because he was seen as a NDC supporter.

Former FIU head ASP Senneth Joseph was forcefully removed the day after election by the NNP administration in 2013 even before Keith Mitchell was sworn into office and sent all over the place with the hope that he might be frustrated.

Supt. Vannie Curwen got his share of the wrath by being given subordinate positions and not to be placed in any sensitive positions.

Former Police Commissioner Willian Thompson also had his share by the Keith Mitchell administration when he too was removed the following day after the election from being Commissioner of Police when it is the Governor General’s responsibility to do so.

ACP John Charles who is now at police headquarters as I understand in administration ,functioned as the most senior Superintendent in the RGPF for years and remained a Superintendent for over 20 years, never to be elevated by the NNP administration.

NNP skipped the former minister’s husband from being a junior Superintendent to Deputy Commissioner of Police – the NNP cohorts at the PSC did it a few weeks before election as though there were no other person or persons more qualified and have been in mainstream policing over him despite he was endorsed by the NNP appointed Commissioner Edvin Martin.

There is also John Mitchell, a cousin of the former Prime Minister who was moved from the Fire Department to a Division, then as acting Commissioner of Prison then back to the force as Assistant Commissioner – now he is on the fort making mahwet  and not sure what he is about.

The former driver of Keith Mitchell moved from Corporal to Sergeant to Inspector while driving Keith then to ASP and now Supt acting. He is still in charge of the SSU, a critical security area.

Are we dumb or stupid that we have eyes and cannot see, deaf and cannot hear or is that the Commissioner just cannot be bothered?

The present CID boss is a very close friend of Nimrod Ollivierre, a diehard supporter of the former administration.

Some of these officers were part of a special club of officers who meet to eat and drink and decide who get Transfer in RGPF and to where in a Westerhall location and a Grenville supermarket and if you are not part of the club you will be isolated and if you are part of the group then you will be looked after.

The NNP footprints are still in Prosecution, FIU, Anti-Money Laundering Commission, Training school, Port, Immigration, Western Division, Fort George, CRD, and other places on Fort George.

My understanding is that Tafawa Pierre is in charge of administration in the RGPF. Whoever holds this position runs the force and is responsible for transfers, promotion, recruitment etc. Is this what the NDC administration wants? Is it that the Commissioner cannot see it fit to put Mackenzie in that position instead rather than having a NNP man making decisions for a NDC government?

It’s right when the public cries foul and says that NNP has lost the election but still is in charge of things.

I can speak more and more of the abuse and victimisation experiences by public officers and police officers under the previous administration- some who were transferred for speaking to Minister Tevin Andrews in Carriacou or who gave him a little piece of oil down. Ah tell you.!!

You have officers who it is alleged were printing voter’s registration cards in the Botanical Gardens and engaging in many questionable fraudulent deals.

In closing, this is my honest advice to the NDC administration: The NNP has created a structure in the public service and the RGPF, Prisons etc and unless that structure is dismantled and a new transformational structure is created we will be in for a kick em jenny ride in moving forward.

Dissent is the buzz word in every creek and corner on the island about the slow pace of change as though the NDC never had a plan to change things upon getting into office – to fail to make the change will either make us stupid, don’t have sense and we have curse or under a NNP spell.

The NDC came in for a lot of support to win on a ticket of change and transformation. Yes, some things take time but some things need urgent action.

The first is ensuring that your country is secure and that in the security service you don’t have the wrong people in the right places otherwise Crapo smoke you pipe.

A word for the wise is enough!!!

Bay watch observer