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Let our voices be heard

Yet another brilliant article, “ Forensic inquiry into computerised voter registration system” that should have taken place long ago and which should cause all patriotic Grenadians and well-wishers to play a more meaningful role in the affairs of our beloved country in order to bring true democracy in our state.

Question: Was there ever an investigation into the disappearance of the computers and other registration equipments for the S.E. and N.E St. George Parliamentary Election Constituency offices? Were they ever retrieved? If not could they have any adverse effects on the Electoral process and can/could the information in the computers be then used by any political party/organisation to enhance its chance of having advantage over any other competing party?

Whoever was/is responsible for the theft should be sought and brought to justice at least, even though the dye was cast/the damage done and hopefully that rectification has been/could be made to alleviate any fraud.

There is an urgent need for investigative journalism in our country and diligent follow up of events. Delighted to learn that that had been highlighted at a recent Media practitioners training session recently and hope that the practitioners will engage themselves to that end.

The recent U.S Presidential Election should enlighten us of what can take place/took place and so we should all gear ourselves and work assiduously to maintain true democracy.

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There is evidently signs that strenuous efforts are made to either rejuvenate communism into our country, to create a police state or dictatorship, which ever, whatever. Grenadians should be mindful and do everything possible to avoid us going any of those ways.

Democracy may have shortcomings, but it has proven to be the best, so let us all not only retain it, but improve it so that we may have fair general elections and a better way of life.

Political parties are made up of people and those of us who are not members of any one political party should stand up, let our voices be heard, as we too are part of our society and we should contribute meaningfully and share in the benefits which we contribute to.

Simeon Green