Lack of productivity on the island

The year is 2020. In Grenada, in the instance that you are required to register your business with CAIPO:

(1) Individuals go in-person to the physical CAIPO office on Lucas Street.

(2) Obtain a physical form for $2.00.

Note – this form is not accessible online nor can it be emailed to the individual by a CAIPO employee.

(3) The individual is not allowed to fill out the form with a pen so it must then be typed over.

(4) The individual cannot sign the form digitally, so the form must then be printed over and signed and returned to the CAIPO office and then pay the standard $25.00 Fee.

  • Grenada is 146 out of 190 on the “Ease of Doing Business” Rankings
  • Grenadian officials have repeatedly come out the side of their face about the lack of productivity on the island, but somehow don’t account for the loss of time/productivity that comes from all these bogged down processes.

I would greatly appreciate someone, anyone, taking a very hard look at how this and other nagging inefficiencies spread across the public sector add up to our continuously uncompetitive and deficient state.

It is one small issue, and it can be addressed from TODAY. If consultation is needed, then I don’t at all mind taking the time out to understand what impediments there are and helping to formulate a solution, but from TODAY please.

Dwayne Grainger

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