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Khem Drones: NNP’s secret weapon

The money game!!!

Khem Drones was a faithful NNP for many years.

Khem Drones “left” the House and infiltrated the Heart.

Khem Drones has not brought over a single NNPite to the NDC.

He loves big life on other people’s money, just like some televangelists.

He collects between $15,000.00 and $18,000.00 a month just to big up himself and bash Dr. Mitch.

As long as Dr. Mitch is in power, Khem Drones will make money from his show.

When Dr. Mitch loses the next election, Khem Drones’s money will dry up.

It is therefore in Khem ‘s selfish interest for NDC to lose.

Question: Why is Khem Drones attacking the democratically elected executive members of NDC?

Answer: When Keith loses the next election, Khem will not have a target to attack on his show.

Question: Did NNP make a smart move to send Khem Drones over to create division and to destabilise the NDC?

Listen to the way Khem Drones attacks NDC and then decide.

De kayak