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Keith is trembling

I believe in positive politicians and not this give me, give me politics like what happens with NNP and Keith.

Listen to what one NNP big politician did in Vendome last week – he was passing up Vendome and saw the guys sitting by a shop, he stopped, said a few words to them, and then took out $200. 00 from his pocket and gave them and said, cook ah coming back for my food.

Boy, they are still looking to see the man coming back – he never did, so that’s the way he does catch all those people by rum shops and poor villages to support him.

I don’t believe in that kind of politics, we need to hear the cries of the people and try to improve their lives.

NNP and Keith are not productive for Grenada – as for Keith, it’s all about building a little piece of concrete road now, vote and keep him in power and 5 years after come back and try to finish the road to stay in power again.

Keith has kept people in poverty and when elections come around, he wants the poor and vulnerable to come and beg him or his other ministers for something.

A woman in St. David told me that she is a strong NNP supporter and she applied so long for a house at the Corinth housing scheme and they told her come in July of this year but up to now nothing and she said she called them over and over, and all they are telling her is to wait.

The poor woman said that she is staying with a friend for so long and that is frustrating her – that’s the way Keith and his regime behave in this country. They mean that they have to stay in power by bringing poor people to their knees.

Keith Mitchell was in parliament last week only throwing words for people, such as Dickon, Newfield and Tobias, and also talking about, he has a bell in his pocket and he could ring it anytime.

He doesn’t have a bell in his pocket because he doesn’t know where he stands right now with the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Dickon Mitchell the “New Kid” in town is the biggest challenge he ever get in his political career in recent times – so how is he going to ring the bell? Keith has to hold that bell in his pocket for a long, long time.

Keith also said that there was no pandemic in Grenada, the only pandemic was the NDC. Well, that’s the reason why a lot of people don’t want to take the vaccine because there is no pandemic here.

Keith also talked about Newfield and what he thinks about Black people. Why when Newfield told him that he did not chase him out of the country? Why is he now telling us such stale news?

I really like to play back those speeches from Keith in parliament over and over and just laugh.

A Free Man