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Justice delayed is justice denied

Whenever crimes which strike/impact the social and economic structures and particularly the lives of citizen the world over, the cry for the proprietor/s to be apprehended is made. It does not end there but a further cry that justice must be served whatever the crime.

Regrettable the wheel of justice grinds slow and takes much time, but at the end it SHOULD/MUST be served.

Workers throughout/over the years continuously fight with all their might for justice and at times their entitlements/rights are only obtained when extreme action is taken, be it by those directly affected only or others/opportunist – regrettable.

When those who, a people elected to serve be it as officers of any organisation or a government fail to carry out their mandate, and even subtly put structure(s) in place to hinder the smooth transmission of justice ; confusion, chaos and destruction usually follow.

In the Industrial disputes arena in Grenada, the case of Ms. Gemma Bain-Thomas, a former employee of the Government of Grenada, one who served various administrations most likely with distinction and attained the position of Cabinet Secretary is worthy to note.

The treatment meted out to her by this present administration and the utterances of the Minister of Finance, Head of Cabinet, Minister of National Security and Prime Minister of the State, who implied that he is not happy with the decisions handed down by the court in favour of Ms. Gemma Bain-Thomas and as a result it is evident that he has been doing everything possible to hinder justice/payment to her of her entitlement.

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What message is sent by this administration, and particularly the Parliamentary representative of N.W. St. George to other employers, small or large, nationals or non-nationals?

This type of behaviour is what continues to be the cause, which cost us much; evidently the PM does not care since the cost he does not have to bear.

Grenada, rally around Gemma Bain-Thomas and demand that she be paid NOW.

There was no difficulty in finding money to pay the PMs Security Officers, which was contrary to financial regulations.

Gemma’s entitlement is within the financial regulations. Pay the lady NOW!

Simeon Green