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Justice at last

I have had a written complaint filed to the then Legal Tribunal Council, in Sept 2017. However, there was no concrete committee, anything that had (**” teeth.”**) .

I recall the then NNP government claimed it had no money to fund such. Evidence of such, complaint available. Check to see if the files of case Civil-Supreme Court #1998/ 625, are on shelf, still available, or lost, or discarded.

Typical case found, told to judge, re: obvious application tampering/missing. Note brought to the attention of judge, while the case was in session.

Access to an apologetic letter regarding; suffering, and the hope that I still have hope in the justice system. (**which is the problem now, not having any confidence in the justice system.**).

That is a fact, as cited by Justice Gerhard Wallbank. This case result, brought on by The Wilkinson Committee might give us hope.

Co-incidentally, she might have made a one-time appearance, announcing her unexpected appearance, apologising, asking me, during my court appearance if I wanted to not appear with her. I agreed to have her, but did remark, I was about to fire the attorney, for which she politely again, apologized.

Would not be in the least surprised, if it is her, now, heading this committee! Why? She is one of integrity. Sad to say, a rare personality trait, thus far, not seen upon observation in the Supreme Court.

Pain, irreparable harm, remain indelible, a shattering, corrupt experience. I remarked so in the file submitted, yet not seen when the file was checked. God, please help Grenada, in this long overdue judicial recourse.

Thanks. Feel Good to send this for publishing. Need to, and want to take this to the same Committee for substantial changes in case management, court cases, to be fair, timely and humanely executed.

Thank God. Amen and Amen.

Justice Seeker