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Heartfelt greetings.

Delighted to learn that you were able to survive the pandemic, Covid-19 in the USA, to return to your beloved country, Grenada, and to have the opportunity to be an inspiration to all who would like to see Grenada prosper.

I share your concern for your life, fully aware of the adverse relationship between this administration, particularly the head and you but trust that the good Lord will protect you.

It would appear that this administration, if not the PM, many times they rush to do things which need in-depth thoughts and real consultation, a typical example is that recent Bill entitled “The CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) CONTROL BILL 2020”.

Travelling on a bus I heard the driver and the other occupant speaking on the then proposed Bill that was to be tabled in Parliament. One of the things which struck me was the proposed duration of one year for this State of Emergency. I thought that was madness.

Later I heard an invitation by some to join in protest then on reading the proposed Bill, I was convinced that it was indeed madness since it appeared to contravene one’s constitutional right. Not long after I understood that the Bill was withdrawn and that there was some form of demonstration.

The matter continued to bother me, hence. I had a look at our Grenada Constitutional Order 1973 which came into force on 7th February 1974 and states:

Declaration of Emergency

Chapter 1 Sec. 17(5). A resolution of the section shall remain in force for six months or such shorter period as may be specified therein: provided that any such resolution may be extended for time to time by a further such resolution, each extension not exceeding six months from…..

Did I get it right that the duration was for one year in the proposed Bill? If so the Attorney General failed us, or was it done in collusion with others to suppress/deny us our constitutional rights?

Now! To my mind no conviction could be imposed on any one who masqueraded (Jab Jab) on Monday/Tuesday. At least they appeared to practice social distancing.

Another matter is it mandatory to wear masks? Well what a lovely display of social commentary – DELL-MA ADMIT PLENTY SHEET WENT ON WID THE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.

Simeon Greene

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