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Jason Skeete – my choice for NDC P.R.O.

Since my political intervention from 1986-2003 from the platform of the Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement and The People’s Labour Movement from 2003-2007 and finally when I campaigned for Mr. Randall Robinson of the NDC in the 2013 general elections, my political activities came to an end from the podium of political parties but not from within the pages of various newspapers in our country.

The upcoming National Democratic Congress convention is very important for the second largest political organisation in our country since there is a great sense for something new going forward in our country and for that party and ultimately for the state of Grenada.

My choice for Public Relations Officer is Jason Skeete who represents the freshness and newness needed in going forward for the organisation and country.

He joined the electronic media fraternity at the age of fourteen under the stewardship of veteran and media radio personality Mr. Paul Roberts. He attended the J.W. R.C. Boys School and his secondary education was at the Presentation Brothers College (PBC).

Jason was also an accomplished sports and cultural personality. He played several sports including table tennis and was the junior champion and represented the country in table tennis as well. He was also acting President and Vice-present of the Grenada Table Tennis Association and was a team manager as well.

He also played basketball for Carenage United/ Young Generation, cricket for G.C.E., and was also active in athletics and football during his P.B.C. years.

Jason also started playing the steel pan at the age of 12 and was a former champion in the National Art Festival and was a member of the NCB Angels Harps for many years playing the tenor pan.

After finishing his secondary education he then migrated to Trinidad and Tobago where he worked at various radio stations such as 96.1, 94.1, and 107.1. He returned to Grenada and continues to make his contribution and was a member of the Grenada Football Association General Council and elected President of the Grenada Steel Band Association in October of 2017.

Although Jason had little time to prepare for the 2018 panorama competition but it turned out to be the biggest and most successful panorama in more than thirty years. And recently he was elected Vice-Chairman of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee of the Grenada Olympic Committee.

Jason is a serious believer of “people do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care” and he is also interested in talking to and helping develop the underprivileged through direct engagement with them.

My association with Jason began when I was elected P.R.O. of the Grenada Association in October of 2017. Today, I am part of his extended family because his wife and kids also remember me going all over the place with him when we tried to change the way things were done in the Grenada Steel Band Association under his leadership.

I sincerely wish him all the best going forward in this new movement for change in our country. He is my choice for the PRO post in the National Democratic Congress because he is very knowledgeable, has communicating skills and a voice which commands people to listen up.

Together with all that experience which he has accumulated over the years, he is an excellent choice to advocate the policies and programs of the National Democratic Congress for upcoming general elections and beyond. And if you need some advice from me I will always make myself available.

If anyone has any doubts about why Jason is my choice before others, please remember the bible story of the Good Samaritan.

Brian Lindsay-Campbell