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Is SVG on the brink of being a One Party State?

Is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on the verge of becoming a one-party state? In my opinion, the answer to that is a resounding YES.

To better understand, a one-party system is a form of government where the country is ruled by a single political party, meaning only one political party exists, and the forming of other political parties is forbidden.

Some countries have many political parties that exist, but only one that can by law be in control. This is called a one-party dominant state. In this case, opposition parties against the prevailing ruling party are allowed but have no real chance of gaining power. For example, in China, all power is vested in the Communist Party of China. Other parties are allowed to exist only if they accept the leading role of the Communist Party.

It is my opinion that SVG is in grave danger from what I see as a dynastical family regime bent on creating a one-party, one family, one dynasty State, in collaboration and with the assistance of the Cuban communist party government.

Some one-party states are considered dictatorships and called a police state or a military dictatorship if a secret police force or the military is used to keep a dictator in power through force. This I believe is probably the closest mindset to the current rulers of SVG.

The one-party system is also a common trait of communist Marxist-Leninist and fascist political philosophies. What is the difference between a communist State and a fascist state? What we do know is a communist state does not allow religions.

Communists are usually atheists, fascist states that do not support and tolerate religion. Nowadays, some states, like Cuba, have a mixture of atheism and religion, but they are sham setups, where the priests must submit sermons and cannot deviate from them when reading the state-approved sermons.

If SVG’s leadership is to be categorised, they fall into the fascist slot. When the police and judiciary is under the physical and political control of a ruling political party, a family dynasty, they are classed as supporters of dictatorship. But unfortunately, that is precisely what is now happening in SVG.

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Police are enforcing ULP laws and rules designed to bring about a one-party state by removing the right of assembly without permission, removing the right to free assembly in a place of choice, the freedom of free speech without the threat of being sued, arresting and charging members of the opposition NDP party on charges related to assembly and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is on a clear path to a dictator state.

Large groups of armed police in black uniforms raiding the opposition party headquarters looking to arrest leading members. A State controlled by a family dynasty and whoever is politically grubby enough to collaborate with them without question of exactly where and how their collaboration will bring about a dictatorship, in many cases in full support and aiding just that.

In some countries, methods suppress other parties without banning them, which appears to have happened in SVG. This can include electoral fraud, gerrymandering or court decisions (which are controlled by the government).

In some countries, opposition leaders and other figures are prevented from equally using the mass media at election time. Also, they often are threatened, harassed, jailed, and even killed. The ruling party candidates in SVG get an overwhelming election advantage due to public bribery with building materials, livestock, and envelopes containing cash.

In these cases, the ULP government’s defeat “cannot be expected for the foreseeable future”. So, unless the people are brave enough, and dare to act now and demand the removal of the ULP government and its leadership, cutting out like cancer that called the dynasty, all is lost.

For freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, true democracy and freedom of the people to be restored in SVG the people must demonstrate publicly and demand the ULP government and its leadership relinquish government and call new elections forthwith.

Nathan J Green