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Is China ruled by an organised Crime Syndicate?

Organised Crime: A complex organisation of highly centralised enterprises set up for the purpose of engaging in illegal activities. Such organisations engage in offenses such as cargo theft, fraud, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, and demanding protection payments.

The principal source of income for these criminal syndicates is the supply of goods and services that are illegal but which there is continual public demand, such as gambling, drugs, prostitution, loan sharking. Such syndicates can be organisations or even national entities.

In China, organisations are described to be either Triads or Tongs. Organisations whose loyalty is centered upon a very few central figures that control all aspects of these criminal organisations activities. They have a central “Leader” who all owe their fidelity too.

Seen the movie the “Godfather”? Like that. There are many criminal organisations in The People’s Republic of China, allowed to exist by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) as tools that work with and for the political/security wing of that ruling party.

(1). Enforcers against political, economic and social activists or economic competitors to the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army) continual syndication of the domestic and global economic markets.

(2). When someone needs to disappear, be pressured or bodily harmed these gangs carry out the outrages, giving the CCP a distant scapegoat to blame while achieving their goal.

(3). Within the PLA there resides hundreds of multi-millionaires and some billionaires. The PLA has always been the strong arm of the CCP. The PLA’s elite often involve themselves in private enrichment through using gangster methods.

(4). These gangs pay for the protection of the CCP, through a percentage of their illegal activities.

The greatest of these Criminal Organisations is the national party itself, The Communist Party of China.

The Chinese People are managed through the efforts of highly organised security protocols carried out by the PLA, National Security Organisations and the criminal element who owe their fidelity to the party apparatus, local, provincial and national.

Xi Jinping is the head “Boss” of this organisation, backed up by The Politburo who are all loyal to Xi Jinping. President Jinping has in many ways been declared “President for Life”.

Each and every Chinese Citizen is influenced, manipulated and managed by the CCP and its various political, economic and social arms. If a citizen displeases the CCP, they will often become unemployable, without a citizen’s perceived rights to education, local and national services.

Should a citizen be a member of a frowned upon association such as a member of an unofficial recognised religious organisation, a Muslim, human rights activist, member of Falun Gong, an opposing political party they will face severe retribution handed out by their national government.

Both nationally and internationally, the CCP’s complete attention is centered upon two things, namely preserving their power, and amassing revenue, which allots them said power.

The CCP through their agencies both political and economic, have created an illusion of cultural and friendly expansion, while running the most vicious and comprehensive political and economic expansion the world has not seen since the Roman Empire.

If China wants it, it buys it or seizes it. If China’s Foreign Policy Plans are challenged, those challenging them are approached, manipulated or bribed/paid off. The ends always justify the means, no matter how harsh or destructive.

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The Chinese Government is likened to an Elephant that never forgets any slight, offence or sign of friendship. There is a fear that many African Nations elected Representatives have been bought outright, while China’s long reach has gone into the Presidential Offices of many nations like South Africa, Congo, the Caribbean and Central America.

Did you know that China manages most international ports in Central and Latin America? Chinese Nationals never lose their citizenship even if they become Barbadian, American, Canadian or another nations citizen. China can and does demand extreme loyalty from these people, and even their offspring too.

Sound like a Chinese Mafia?

(a). Loan sharks, lending multi Millions to poor nations and demanding their loyalty and fidelity.

(b). Establishing so-called “jails” internationally, where Chinese Security manipulates former Chinese citizens, pressuring them to return with their cash to China or else.

(c). Always inserting moles politically, economically into high security establishments, power grid and research facilities in case of possible conflict or to acquire/steal information and secrets.

(d). Pursuing, terrorising and manipulating Chinese Activists in other nations.

(e). Purchasing all aspects of economic central services such as the media, ports, energy firms, pharmaceutical and military supply firms. Once a member of the PLA, which all Chinese are required to serve, the Chinese Government can demand their loyalty and abilities to defraud, steal, and sabotage their host nation’s assets.

The Chinese Government has over one hundred thousand of their troops stationed in Africa, supposedly to protect their investments in mining and hard cast mineral acquisition.

Imagine being a poor nation, relying upon Chinese Funds, selling your mineral rights away while thousands of foreign troops reside not far from your location for “your protection”.

The Mafia, Costa Nostra, various Cartels are all secret organisations centered upon a single purpose, to make massive amounts of money.

The Greater Tong known as the Communist Party of China, led by Xi Jinping, foreshadows these smaller historic criminal organisations. All the horrors that come out of Asia come from, are allowed to happen, as well as raise money for The CPC.

Why is this seen as a secret to many in the public? Our national governments fear Chinese retribution. In one foul swoop China could crush Canada’s Agricultural, Manufacturing and Retail Sectors. By denying the release of Chinese made products, by stopping the purchase of all Canadian Grains, Food Stuffs and Meat coming from Canada, China could throw Canada’s Markets and Economy into an un-reversible decline.

China historically agreed to make very inexpensive products for our businesses, automotive and manufacturing sectors. Why? Because China plans and foresees its future economic and security needs. The world gave China the power to destroy our economic prosperity and future development.

China has become essential to the Capitalistic approach. Are we screwed? Possibly.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario