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“Investing in the future today”

I happen to have tuned in just about the right time recently on GBN, during the budget debate – which of course is a misnomer, as there can be no debate without an opposing analysis, to witness the Grand Standing of the Prime Minister when he berated his name sake – the new NDC leader – Mr. Dickon Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell seemed to be annoyed/enraged that a person with no record of pursuing a cause in the interest of the Grenadian people, no previous involvement in the political milieu of the nation, a person who as a lawyer represented WRB against the Grenadian people in the GRENLEC sale/ purchase/transaction, could out of the blue emerge as the political leader of the NDC.

He (the Prime Minister) further stated that you can buy political leadership, but you cannot buy the Grenadian people. (Words to that effect). Dr. Mitchell should be concerned with the quality and legacy of his own leadership, instead of ranting about the leadership of the NDC.

The reality is that the NDC as a political organisation has – after serious introspection decided to take a NEW political direction in the interest of a genuine national development agenda for the 21st century, in the interest of a just and progressive GRENADA, as opposed to what we now experience.

This description could hardly be said about the NNP which in my view, has outlived its capacity to lift Grenada out of poverty which has apparently become ingrained in its DNA, with its obvious inability to shed its outdated modus operandi, and to get attuned to the BEAT of the 21st Century in moving Grenada forward.

Dr. Mitchell’s concept of development is to build a five (5) star hotel (concrete & steel) in little Grenada wherever he could, with CBI funds which benefit the developer and Grenadians involved in the scheme. This visionless approach which provides a few low paying jobs in both construction and in running the facility does not expand the economy in the permanent long term growth of the country as in agriculture, agro processing, the multimillion Grenada cultural heritage offerings, computer technology, and the like.

It is this aspect of Mr. Dickon Mitchell presentation on GBN on Thursday December 2nd, 2021 which caught my attention, as I witnessed the banner inscription on the back wall of the reception hall which read, “INVESTING IN THE FUTURE TODAY”.

Mr. Dickon Mitchell’s exposé on the budget drew attention to a budget that keeps Grenada continuously in debt as the NNP Government repeats the outmoded formula of borrowing to pay its debt – coupled with the unproductive economic strategy of concrete and steel, instead of the productive sectors mentioned above, which would generate surpluses instead of deficits, thus breaking our unmanageable debt cycle.

It is worthy of note that this debt trap in which 3rd world countries find themselves – Grenada included, has become a matter of grave concern to the World Bank as disclosed in a GBN December 8th, 2021 admonition by the Bank.

It is this outmoded form of governance which keeps our country in a continuous state of poverty – where a few get richer and richer while the majority get poorer and poorer. A state of affairs which is beneficial to the continued retention of political power by the incumbent government, as secret deals are made for the benefit of the privileged few.

The dynamics of political leadership in the 21st Century, especially for small “developing” states like Grenada require vision, pragmatism (echoes of Barbados Mia Motley) and integrity, in managing our limited economic but abundant human resources for the benefit and prosperity of WE THE PEOPLE and not only for the political actors. The reintroduction of local Government by an NDC government would be a good start.

Political leadership in post-independence Grenada as in other Caribbean islands require an in-depth knowledge of our past (history) – as the slave mentality is still with some of us. Only when we free ourselves from mental slavery would we witness the dawn of a new reality, as the wind of change appears to be blowing in our direction.

It is the writer’s hope that the new NDC leadership would bring us to the long awaited promise land come 2023 (Paradise regained), as his party plan for “investing in the future today”.

In conclusion – it is a must that we acknowledge the reason for the season that is the coming of the Messiah, in wishing our readers and all Grenadians both at home and in the diaspora a Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous New Year.

God bless.

Norris Mitchell