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Inter-regional travel

Caribbean Inter-regional travel is in the news again. The lack of inter-regional airlines to service our small islands is in the news again. All the discussion is on getting persons into the cabins and the cost of doing so.

Can inter-regional airlines make a proper comeback without thinking of the other spaces on their planes and the extra services they can provide?

Did anyone outside of the Caribbean Logistics Industry know that LIAT had the fastest courier service bar none in the region?

Has anyone ever seen any promotions selling express package services in the Region? Why can you get for every little thing bought on Amazon but not 2 bottles of Jerk seasoning from Jamaica, or a primary school book from Guyana which may be out of stock where you are?

The point I hope that gets through to you is that any discussions regionally on inter-Caribbean airlines or any other type of transportation must include the Logistics Industry (Customs Brokers, Cargo Agents etc.). There is more income that can be generated other than from the ticket.

Leaving us out again means that we have hobbled efforts for success from the outset; again.

Louis Forde
V.P, Caribbean Association of Customs Brokers
President, Barbados Customs Brokers and Clerks Association